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11) 13 December 2014, "Al-Tabib: qawat 'Shuruq Libiya' tusaytara 'ala mina' al-sidrah," Akhbar Libiya
He said now the Ansar Burney Trust International is working hard for the early release of crew that was made Hostage by Rebels from Port Es Sider, Libiya.
Congress delegation had also covered the recent developments in Syria, Yemen and Libiya," according to a statement by Maliki's office.
19 -- A Sri Lankan Parliamentary delegation led by Hambantotata electoral district MP Namal Rajapaksa is in Tripoli, Libiya to promote bilateral relations and cooperation between Libya and Sri Lanka.
Top players of Iran, Philippine, Jordan, Singapore, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Vietnam, Bahrain, Turky, Libiya, Kazakhstan and Pakistan participated in this event.