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a slow cargo ship built during World War II

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Ceri Joseph, secretary of Porthcawl Museum on John Street in the town - which has just launched a new display on the SS Samtampa disaster and the loss of the Edward, Prince of Wales lifeboat - said the Liberty ships were all given the designation SAM in their name as it stands for super structure aft of midships.
Also, the creative modular construction of the liberty ships is fascinating, but to a nonengineer, the processes described might be difficult to follow.
Paquette said 4,000 Liberty Ships were made during World War II and each ship used six steam engines like the ones manufactured at Whitin Machine Works.
They walked up the gangplank of the Liberty ship USS John Sullivan for the sea voyage to New York City and home.
The average time to build a Liberty ship was 42 days but one ship, in a publicity stunt, was built and launched less than five days after the keel was laid.
Cope, author and former school administrator, provides a social history that tells the story of the men and women who worked building the Liberty ships used during World War II at a now derelict Savannah, Georgia, shipyard.
The SS Thomas Wolfe was one of 2,710 Liberty ships built as quickly as possible in the United States as part of the country's Herculean push to provide more cargo ships during World War II.
Our relationship with Greek shipowners stretches back some 60 years to the time when the US government made a 104 strong fleet of surplus post-World War II Liberty ships available to Greek owners at favourable terms," Somerville notes.
The Liberty Ships which survived the war proved durable and adaptable for peace time trading.
There are some limitations on the study: it covers the period from reed boats to the Liberty ships and is concerned only with the fastenings used in hull construction; it does not deal with the superstructure or masts, spars and booms.
ANSWERS: 1 Derbyshire; 2 Quotient; 3 On the eastern Mediterranean coast, in present-day Syria and Lebanon; 4 Blake Edwards; 5 Bangladesh; 6 Manchester; 7 Dr Christiaan Barnard; 8 Viv Anderson; 9 Heat; 10 Liberty ships.
By 1945, the United States would launch more than 2,700 Liberty Ships, the largest fleet of a single class ever built.
One of those big American Liberty ships went into us, and we were badly holed.
He served on the Liberty Ships during World War II and was instrumental in getting the proper recognition for the men who served in that service.
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