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a slow cargo ship built during World War II

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Cope, author and former school administrator, provides a social history that tells the story of the men and women who worked building the Liberty ships used during World War II at a now derelict Savannah, Georgia, shipyard.
Stephen Guy has most effectively highlighted the great significance of the World War II Liberty Ship programme.
Some 200 of the Liberty Ships were lost to enemy action, accident or storm during the war.
Kaiser engineers and operations management personnel discovered that the production and launch of Liberty ships could be speeded up by pre-assembling "modules"--sections of the ships -and then welding them together in the final assembly phase.
The defenseless forests of America, so necessary to the war effort when everything from Liberty Ships to rifle stocks needed wood, had to be saved from the nefarious schemes of the Axis powers, whose assaults on the continental U.
As the inspirational leader of the company, William Francis, designed the famous, standardized cargo-carrying Liberty ships of World War II and was instrumental in the implementation of modular construction, centralized material and equipment procurement, and design-for-production features that are the foundation of cost-effective shipbuilding today.
He was a Navy veteran of World War II, serving as an armed guard on the Liberty Ships SS Theodoric Bland and SS Pawnee Rock.
Built in 1943, the O'Brien is one of only two remaining fully functional Liberty ships and a premier San Francisco attraction.
THE United States built three Liberty Ships a day to boost the convoys which acted as Britain's lifelines during the Second World War.
The Dan Beard was one of 2,750 Liberty Ships built by the Americans during the war and named after eminent citizens.
The USS Richard Montgomery was one of 2,700 Liberty ships from the Second World War.
Many people remember the Liberty Ships built by the United States for moving cargo during World War II.
The building itself was constructed in 1942 as part of the Marinship complex, a facility created for the manufacturing of Liberty Ships and T2 tankers.
The O'Brien was the last of the nation's seaworthy Liberty ships, the World War II cargo vessels that faced German U-boats to keep supplies flowing to Allied forces.
Nevin Street, which currently slopes down to enter the BART Station, will be leveled and a panoramic entrance of curved glass highlighting an elevator shaft modeled after a ships smoke stack harking back to Richmond's historic role in building Liberty Ships during World War II will be built.
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