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a slow cargo ship built during World War II

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The boat he sailed home in was torpedoed in rough weather in the mid-Atlantic and he spent several hours at the oars of one of the lifeboats with the Liberty Ship documents he was bringing back to Whitehall under his seat before being picked up by another ship.
Lockwood snr has not been well recently and was delighted to be on hand to welcome Liberty Ship into the winner's enclosure.
On the second or third day of the sea voyage to New York City after joining a convoy at Oran, the Liberty ship passed Gibraltar.
For, 70 years ago, on September 27 1941, FDR launched the SS Patrick Henry, first of over 2,700 Liberty ships.
named in his memory--even a World War II liberty ship.
an armored cab that I saw during a visit to the SS John Brown Liberty Ship memorial in Baltimore, Maryland, in October 2005.
The James Egan Layne, a US Liberty ship torpedoed on her maiden voyage in March 1945, is one of the most dived wrecks in British waters.
liberty ship Richard Montgomery, scuttled in the Thames during World War II, might release and detonate its payload of TNT in the next 20 years.
Out of the murky night, an unseen liberty ship ripped into the hull.
In the early morning of April 16, 1947, as the French Liberty ship the SS Grandchamp, was being loaded with Marshall Plan ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a small fire erupted in the hold.
Navy Armed Guard on the Liberty Ship John Brown (May/June issue).
I THINK you mean the wartime liberty ship SS Carole Lombard, launched on January 15, 1944, by actress Irene Dunne.
Sousa led Swansea to their highest place in the league since the days of John Toshack having steadied the Liberty ship after the exit of Roberto Martinez, yet that only came after a drastic fall-away in form that cost the side a play-off position.
In 1941, on "Liberty Fleet Day,'' the United States launched 14 rapidly built military cargo vessels, including the first Liberty ship, the USS Patrick Henry, which was personally launched by President Franklin D.
The Samtampa was a 7,219-ton Liberty ship, built and launched in the USA in December 1943.
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