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an ideological belief in freedom of thought and speech

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By severely constraining the states' police power, and presuming all laws to be unconstitutional, the libertarian theory both centralizes decision-making in the national government (i.
Hence, libertarians who might be sound in the remote reaches of high theory, are so devoid of common sense and out of touch with the concerns of real people (who, for example, walk the streets, use the public libraries, and send their kids to public schools) that they unfortunately wind up discrediting both themselves (which is no great loss) and libertarian theory itself.
A libertarian theory of contract: title transfer, binding promises, and inalienability" Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol.
Thus, even from within Libertarian theory progressive (or redistributive) taxation would represent a suboptimal moral policy, but nonetheless with substantial pragmatic justification thereby rendering such "justified, at least in part, by the authority's ability to realize the rule of law" under the guise of progressive taxation.
For all these reasons, the problem of forestalling is crucial for a libertarian theory of rights.
Jasay's fairly typical libertarian theory of distributive justice holds that the only principles that matter in such talk are private property and free exchange, and that any distribution resulting from people following those rules is ipso facto moral and/or just.
1 (Winter 1986): 51-62; Jan Krepelka, "A Pure Libertarian Theory of Immigration," Journal of Libertarian Studies 22, no.
The purpose of this paper is to apply libertarian theory to the vexing question of the relationship between the individual and the state; to wit, under what conditions, if any, may a person properly donate to the government.
With the Cold War in full bloom, the press was beginning to replace libertarian theory with social responsibility.
Readers interested in the history of US political theory, Thomas Jefferson, or libertarian theory will appreciate this work.
org), vice president for international programs at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, is the author of Realizing Freedom: Libertarian Theory, History, and Practice (Cato).
In Part 2, 'Persons, Rational Action, and Free Will', Lowe develops and defends a libertarian theory of free action.
In particular, Kant's early conversion to a libertarian theory of freedom, together with his rejection of occasionalism, provides the basis for a compelling argument for the indispensability of world-mind affection relations.
REALIZING FREEDOM: LIBERTARIAN THEORY, HISTORY AND PRACTICE provides college-level collections with an analysis of the history and nature of freedom, law, rights and justice.
This principle is associated with libertarian theory (Nozick), which could be used to address concerns about government interference.
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