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Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

give equal rights to


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release (gas or energy) as a result of a chemical reaction or physical decomposition

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Both of these books well cover the total history of the Liberator.
This essay argues 1) that the Liberator served as a critical space of translocal political activity, and 2) that its language/political rhetoric functioned dialogically, that is: the way Liberator communicated was as important as the ideological positions it expressed.
U-534 still carries the scars of her fatal encounter with Liberator G for George.
above), would fly his Liberator as part of Project Aphrodite.
Because the following Liberators were supposed to drop their own bombloads only on cue from the leader, none released their own lethal cargos.
31 Squadron and its sister squadron 34 SAAF, were both based at Foggia Main, in southern Italy, flying B24 Liberator bombers.
The theme of Birmingham's event this year will be Survivors and Liberators and will involve a sombre commemoration to those who suffered or died as a result of the Holocaust.
And remember that, when the Israelis invaded southern Lebanon in 1982, they were greeted by the dispossessed Shiites as liberators, but within a few months, when the Shiites saw that the Israelis had come not as liberators but as occupiers, they began to kilt them.
Will the Iraqi people--and those in neighboring countries--view occupying troops as liberators or the latest set of oppressors?
But, with food, water, and public order disrupted in the vacuum that Saddam left behind, other Iraqis were not so welcoming of their liberators.
When the liberators arrived, they were surprised but thrilled to find the seven POWs all reasonably cared for and in good shape.
The current lack of action by liberators such as Peter Hain confirms that they had no concern for the well-being of the peoples of Africa.
But according to Goldberg, an editor of The Forward, the story told in Liberators is little known for good reason: Although the units featured in the film had many achievements, he says, liberating the camps was not one of them.