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a political party in Australia, Canada, and other nations, and formerly in Great Britain

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Its not the first time Matthew Guy has acted to line the pockets of Liberal Party donors.
Part of the effort to finalize is the post of the Vice President, what with the report that the Liberal Party has not yet fully convinced Robredo to run.
So I was astonished when Mayor Anderson suggested a personal low was the Liberal Party acting with other oppositions on budgetry matters opportunistically.
The People's Liberal Party seeks to advance its aims at every level of decision making and it works outside as well as inside existing political structures and encourages people and communities to make use of power ," he said at the launch in Juba.
Abbott has been fighting for his job after poor poll ratings and a series of policy backflips spurred some MPs from his conservative Liberal Party to openly attack him, calling last week for a leadership "spill" a move that would voided the senior party positions.
John Key to know why Australia's Liberal Party is interfering with New Zealand's domestic politics and trying to lobby voters in favour of National that too before a few days ahead of the election date.
In Plovdiv, Rozalin Petkov, former Deputy District Governor and current Deputy Mayor, will replace Ventsislav Kaymakanov, a nominee of liberal party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS).
They were written by leading radical Liberal politicians during the turmoil over Irish Home Rule which caused a split in the Liberal Party and the creation of a Liberal Unionist movement.
I think it is safe to assume that this has something to do with an election campaign on behalf of the Liberal Party in Middlesbrough.
RIGHT across the country the collapse of the Lib Dems as a national party in working class communities continues In South Tyneside there is not a single Lib Dem Candidate and the continuing and progressive Liberal Party is standing some seven candidates.
TRIBUTES were paid to Liberal Democrat peer Lord Emlyn Hooson, described as the "founding father of the Welsh Liberal Party.
THE YEARS 2006 TO 2009 WERE NOT pleasant for the Liberal Party of Canada.
Drawing on interviews with grassroots Liberal Party activists across Canada, Koop, a professor of political science, examines the connections and divides between the national party apparatus and local Liberal organizations across the provinces.
We urge all Liberals to give consideration to returning to the Liberal Party as the custodian of Liberal values Steve Radford, President of The Liberal Party.
But the comparison - for that is what it was - of the tactics of the Liberal Party to the storm-troopers happened long before the war.