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LORD Mike Storey, whose Wavertree seat Cllr Morrison took in 2011, said his Liberal Democrat party should stand aside to give the youngster a clear shot against Luciana Berger.
The Metropolitan Police Special Investigations Command has been approached by officials in the Liberal Democrat Party and is working with them to ascertain whether or not criminal activity has taken place," a spokesman said.
If early opinion polls are correct, most voters will back the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) led by Shinzo Abe, giving it another stab at power three years after it was unceremoniously dumped for the Democrat Party of Japan (DPJ).
Secondly, but not so importantly, I do need to put the record straight about Dr McKee and the Liberal Democrat Party.
NICK CLEGG, who has apologised for breaking his pledge to vote against a hike in tuition fees for students, is 8-13 with Hills to lead his Liberal Democrat party into the next general election, writes Adrian Humphries.
Shortly before he spoke to his Liberal Democrat party, however, new official figures revealed that state borrowing continues to hit new records despite the government's austerity drive, the toughest among the big European Union nations.
Liberal Democrat Party Chairman Simon Hughes also sent a message to the ceremony.
LDP WE TAKE no pleasure in Liverpool Liberal Democrat party leader Warren Bradley's decision to stand down yesterday, but we believe he has done the right thing, and we welcome it.
The Liberal Democrat Party leader was due in Cardiff to undertake a number of public engagements, which includes a "Nick Clegg meets.
The Liberal Democrat Party, which achieved a higher profile than usual during the election campaign under the leadership of Nick Clegg, has drawn about 23 percent of the popular vote but secured only 52 seats, a net loss of five, in what Clegg described as a disappointing outcome for the party.
The PSD claimed victory on Sunday, but with the first final results due only later in the week, the rival Liberal Democrat party were not ready to concede defeat.
According to the company, the project involves providing Internet connectivity for the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat party conferences in autumn 2006.
Liberal Democrat party researchers contacted 50 insurers posing as customers - aged 66 and 26.
Only four per cent knew that it was the Liberal Democrat party conference starting today.
Council leader Mick Henry said the decision to raise it had been tough yet the best option to ensure services continue but leader of the opposition Liberal Democrat party Councillor Frank Hindle said they should have accepted the PS900,000 grant offer from the Government.
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