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United States chemist who developed a method of radiocarbon dating (1908-1980)

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This represents closure for Libby and me, a full circle," said Sam Edelman, founder of Edelman Shoe and division president for the Sam Edelman Division of Brown Shoe Company.
Libby decided to give tennis a try while her mum and dad Scott, 40, were at David Lloyd gym at Stockton.
Now Libby is 10 and is a happy pupil at Gosforth Central Middle School.
In the current study, the researchers sampled the blood of 50 middle-aged men and women from Libby and 50 matched controls from Missoula, where there is no known asbestos exposure.
Grace, the Maryland-based chemical and materials company, told E, "Any asbestos found in material shipped from Libby was in trace amounts.
Libby, 33, who played DC Liz Rawton, told Sam she was too big for her boots.
And, Libby says, if this stand is a distinct race of giant sequoia - as it might well be - its future scientific and practical value should be preserved.
Libby said he does an occasional laminate job, but they are a straight-edge laminated countertop for low-end applications.
Miller and Libby were old friends and, like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and other members of the C-R-W cabal, are (or were) fellow neo-con members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the private organization that holds sway over U.
That's why muralist Yetti Frenkel wrote and illustrated Libby And The Cat for young readers ages 2 to 6.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced release of the final human health risk assessment specific to the Libby Asbestos Superfund site.
Thirteen-year-old Libby Arkless was one of 16 promising regional talents honoured for their achievements by Sport Newcastle at the 2015 Rising Stars of Sport awards.