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a peninsula in northeastern China that extends into the Yellow Sea, between Bo Hai and Korea Bay

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Petersburg Frank Lascelles stated, on the basis of information in Russia's influential Novoe Vremya newspaper, that Russia had already decided to offer China a government-guaranteed loan at the time Japan laid claim to Liaodong.
Oil & gas company CNOOC (NYSE:CEO) (TSX:CNU) reported on Tuesday the start of production from its Luda 10-1 comprehensive adjustment project located in the Liaodong Bay of Bohai.
While too numerous to fully list here, these moments include Choson irredentist plans to attack the Ming and reclaim territory in Liaodong (T'aejong sillok 1405 [T'aejong 5.
The Liaodong Peninsula is the extension of Baekdu Mountain; so is the Korean Peninsula.
Three areas are specifically noted: the cession to Japan of Taiwan, the Pescadores and the Liaodong Peninsula.
In 612, the Sui Empire lost the war in the name of recovering the territories of LiaoDong [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'east of Liao River'] (the eastern part of near north-east China, occupied by the Goguryeo Kingdom (37BCE~668CE) since 404) and northern Korea (occupied by Goguryeo since 313).
Effect of burial on acorn survival and seedling recruitment of Liaodong oak (Quercus liaotungensis) under rodent predation.
El ano 1895 un tratado puso fina la guerra chino-japonesa: se reconocia la independencia de Corea y se cedia a Japon la peninsula de Liaodong.
25 nautical miles wide and 22 nautical miles long in the northern Yellow Sea and Liaodong Bay from August 10 to 14, the report said.
Segun el analisis de Ohmae, la globalizacion esta signada en lo economico por el fin de las fronteras economicas y, en lo politico por la desaparicion o "reinvencion" de los Estados nacionales, y la aparicion de los "Estados--region", como los nuevos grandes protagonistas, abiertos al mercado externo, como es el caso de los modelos que pregona: Singapur (ciudad--Estado asiatico), Irlanda y las regiones chinas del Delta del Rio Perla, o de Liaodong (Delian).
11) Because the Latter Jin were becoming stronger each day, encroaching on Ming territory in the Liaodong region and then taking over Fushun ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) in 1618, the Ming court decided to preempt further advances by attacking the Latter Jin capital, Hetu Ala (Ch: Xingjing; K: Hunggyong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Fengcheng City, located in the eastern Liaodong Peninsula and the eastern Bohai-Rim Economic Circle, a county-level city governed by Dandong City of Liaoning Province with a total area of 5,514 square kilometers, and situated in Liaonan Zhuanghe -Fengcheng Fault.
International Resource News-15 January 2010-Certain oilfields in China's Liaodong Bay stop operations(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
Last year, it constructed an integrated seaside blast furnace plant in Yingkou on the shores of Liaodong Bay that processes mainly imported iron ore.