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Sarno, Annotation, Liability for Injuries in Connection with Ice or Snow on Nonresidential Premises, 95 A.
Under those circumstances the employer hiring the independent contractor has a duty to see to it that the work is done with reasonable care and cannot, by hiring an independent contractor, insulate itself from liability for injuries to others arising out of the negligence of the independent contractor or its employees.
Do not assume responsibility nor incur liability for injuries to an individual or property caused by any act of the person to whom permission is granted.
If the employee is allowed to mix personal time and employment time, for example running employer and personal errands at the same time, the employer could be exposed to workers' compensation liability for injuries occurring during the entire time.
Doctors' liability for injuries is theoretically unlimited - says one Eugene neurologist, "I'm putting my house at risk every time I go to work.
The court held, inter alia, that Missouri law permits suits against third-party actors for liability for injuries.
The Road Traffic Act requires all motorists to be insured against their liability for injuries to others, including passengers and for damage to other people's property resulting from use of a vehicle on a road.
Gun manufacturer liability for injuries caused to third parties through the misconduct of gun purchasers has become the subject of a heated debate.
The Court reiterates that the Constitution "does not purport to supplant traditional tort law in laying down rules of conduct to regulate liability for injuries that attend living together in society.
John Shore says the association, which he heads, wants the park to be enjoyed by everyone and will support a skateboarding area if the association can avoid legal liability for injuries.
As homeowner or tenant, people face potential risk that they will be exposed to liability for injuries that a person might sustain every time someone sets foot on their property.