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a type of inflatable air mattress

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SHORTS JAND SWEET Li-Lo in racy red on Lake Como and, inset, a softer look in a cocktail dress
Li-Lo has had another run-in with the law over some stolen jewellery.
Lindsay Lohan Technically still a good week for Li-Lo as she managed to escape a prison term for her car crash case.
Li-Lo will have a cameo as herself as a celebrity judge at the Nationals - alongside Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John - at the end of the third season.
Stiletto Strength, a dance-inspired workout, includes 15 minutes of strutting in heels and allows ladies like Paris and Li-Lo to strengthen leg muscles and increase balance.
The original Beverly Hills 90210 star said Li-Lo needs to work out if her passion really is acting.
Li-Lo is expected to serve 30 days of a 90-day term for violating her probation for driving under the influence.
They're even calling her Sam-Cam - like she's J-Lo or Li-Lo or even Subo as the spinners get all X Factor on us.
However, when Calum finally announced he had to leave to catch a plane to Belfast where he was due to switch on the Christmas lights, Li-Lo went ballistic.
They had a crocodile li-lo and they were messing about so I decided to walk down onto the beach ``As I walked down I could see it was going out further.
Li-Lo, 25, said on America's Today show: "That's not my thing any more.
A preliminary hearing will be held onApril 22 and if convicted, Li-Lo faces up to three years in jail.
This week Li-Lo, 23, fell out of a party after getting a bit worse for wear.
And it seems Li-Lo is pretty good in the kitchen - her mum told the mag that the actress makes "amazing" garlic mash potatoes.
And Li-Lo places the focus firmly on her ample cleavage in the pre-rehab pictures, boasting: "My breasts have been a really big hit.