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a breed of terrier having a long heavy coat raised in Tibet as watchdogs


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But Pablo has found a forever home with Hambleton residents Mhairi Brown, Andy Meek, his two children and their two dogs, Buster, a fiveyear-old lhasa apso, and Wallace, a three-year-old Boston terrier.
JacksonTwo-year-old Lhasa Apso from Stirling, owned by Kim McVean
My dad, in his 70s, was attacked with his two Lhasa Apsos who were on leads.
Magnetic resonance imaging features of lissencephaly in 2 Lhasa Apso dogs.
Dusty, a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso, was put in a cage with an industrial hairdryer pointed at him.
Bride Scruffy, a five-year-old Jack Russell Chihuahua cross, wore white as she wed her toyboy lover Snickers, a three-year-old Lhasa Apso.
She enjoyed gardening and raising and showing Lhasa Apso dogs.
SINGER Pippa Langhorne - whose Lhasa Apso pooch Buddy reached the BGT semi-finals two years ago - has warned Ashleigh Butler: "Don't let Pudsey push himself too far.
The lhasa apso and his pretty owner reached the semi-final of the TV series last year with their unusual rendition of the classical Latin sonnet Pie Jesu.
Once I watched her walk into the rain carrying her Lhasa Apso,
Two small highly prized dogs, either Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu breeds, were found in a derelict building on Llanrwst Road, Conwy, last Tuesday.
In one burglary, he stuffed a victim's dog inside the refrigerator, leaving the Lhasa Apso traumatized, perhaps for life.
It was from this view that PJ saw a large Lhasa Apso overtake an elderly woman.
At right, Trevi, a Lhasa apso, and owner Dan Martinez meet Animal Planet star Jeff Corwin.
Pastor Julie's tent had all the comforts of home--including a giant double air mattress with purity comforter, mini-stereo, down-filled slippers, a book case and reading lamp--not to mention one of the comforts of a Tibetan monastery, a Lhasa apso named Ellie, descended from a long-line of dogs bred and trained to sleep on monks' feet.