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a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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He called them ley lines and quickly developed the theory that they criss-crossed the whole country.
Churches and temples were often built on them and psychic phenomena often occur along ley lines.
Within seconds, the two rods had crossed, signalling a ley line outside local resident William Boyd's house.
The Pyramid Stage was born, made of scaffolding and covered in plastic sheeting, and built on the Glastonbury-Stonehenge ley line.
They had been placed there by the Rainbow People, believing the Hill to be a "power-point" on a ley line.
It would be interesting to see if a Castle Hill ley line did link to the crop circle next to the motorway
Dan, Sara Jane's boyfriend, may be one in a string of grisly murders of ley line witches.
I love Liverpool, and I think there is so much talent here - in fact, I really do believe there must be some sort of ley line which runs through the city.
When Mukade suddenly unleashes the titanic power of the Ley Line (a gigantic river of underground chakra), time itself unravels, sending Naruto into the past.
Apparently a couple of very important ley lines cross not a stone's throw from the Chamber.
The former Blue Peter presenter claims the show always gets good results in Wales and believes it could be down to ley lines believed by some to be electromagnetic paths which convey psychic energy.
But it says here that you could join ex-soldiers in the gym, take water divining lessons, hunt for your ley lines, learn to tango.
On a completely different musical agenda is Tim Fielding's Ley Lines compilation, released on the long-standing Journeys By DJ label of which Fielding is the founder.
Other people believe it stands on a number of ley lines, and that the ghosts have cancelled them out with bad energy, but there is a wonderful feel about the place so it can't be true,' she said.