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a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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Divining rods are supposed to pinpoint ley lines in the earth - energy points which bring positive energy and which, according to Ruth, help realise dreams and ambitions.
Which means that the riddle is still out there waiting to be solved - assuming that ley lines exist at all.
When he was manager of Echo and the Bunnymen he got obsessed with this idea of intergalactic ley lines.
He can also see and mitigate issues in the land itself including underground water, ley lines and vortexes.
Some pretty powerful ley lines must intersect in those few square yards of County Meath.
We also spent a couple of half-days in Glastonbury, a place whose appeal depends strongly on how you feel about auras, ley lines, healing crystals, goddess temples and every other alternative therapy and belief you've ever heard of.
The Domesday Book records an ancient healing center in my village and all the ley lines converge on my garden.
The suspended "roadways," in addition to being extensions of Islamic design motifs, could have been ley lines or elements from tantric yantras; the turned plaster pendants could have been ancient stupas or modern chandeliers; and the eight-pointed stars on the floor invoked both the Star of David and Islamic designs from eighteenth-century Morocco.
The wording is as elegant and graceful as a ballad, with a fine appreciation for the ancient stories of the faery folk, ley lines and Arthurian magic.
Leslie Paul had founded the rival, more mystic Woodcraft Folk, 500 of whom in 1933 camped around the Queen Stone by the Wye to hear Alfred Watkins lecture on ley lines while two boys sat in sacrificial wicker cages on top of the stone.
TONIGHT Britain's Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson C4, 8pm If your idea of a nice stroll includes visits to megaliths, burial sites, ley lines and hidden caves, then you might want to follow in Tony Robinson's footsteps and explore some of Britain's ancient tracks.
I once interviewed the Troggs singer, who died last week, about his fascination with alien abductions, crop circles, ley lines and all that's out of this world.
Mrs Haigh, who is training to be a priestess, believes crop circles are caused by ley lines - routes between historic sites.
They were most people's default-setting mental image of all hippy-dippy types, all ley lines and sandals, a couple who rate every B&B on the range of herbal fruit teas provided in the room, whether low-energy bulbs are used and on the strength of what "vibrations" it gives off.