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a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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When he was manager of Echo and the Bunnymen he got obsessed with this idea of intergalactic ley lines.
He can also see and mitigate issues in the land itself including underground water, ley lines and vortexes.
It would be interesting to see if a Castle Hill ley line did link to the crop circle next to the motorway
Discoveries and revelations lead them to understand what global energy ley lines, a lost pyramid, a dangerous priest from a 2,000 year-old Order, and a forgotten race of people all have in common.
The detail provided is exceptional, although it would benefit from some graphics to show how the ley lines work and how the stones are positioned.
Whether it's the proliferation of ley lines - or lines of power - which converge on the city or just the sheer weight of history and legend which swamps the area there's no doubt in the mind of Billy - whose Supernatural Liverpool series of books is about to be reissued - that the city centre has more than its fair share of ghosts.
Ley line witches tap into the Ever-After using ley lines for their power.
The suspended "roadways," in addition to being extensions of Islamic design motifs, could have been ley lines or elements from tantric yantras; the turned plaster pendants could have been ancient stupas or modern chandeliers; and the eight-pointed stars on the floor invoked both the Star of David and Islamic designs from eighteenth-century Morocco.
Divining rods are supposed to pinpoint ley lines in the earth - energy points which bring positive energy and which, according to Ruth, help realise dreams and ambitions.
The wording is as elegant and graceful as a ballad, with a fine appreciation for the ancient stories of the faery folk, ley lines and Arthurian magic.
The Wessex Culture and radiocarbon, Alfred Watkins and the Dragon Project, ley lines and the Invasion Hypothesis: such topics jostle together in a wide sweep that is unfamiliar.
Hughes' best story, Ley Lines, in his debut collection The Tower, parodies a New Age incomer's mystical attachments to our physical landscape.
Mrs Haigh, who is training to be a priestess, believes crop circles are caused by ley lines - routes between historic sites.
He has now written a book called Ley Lines Across the Midlands.
Those were either a mystical energy source emitted by nymphs - tiny, fairy-like creatures drawn to the ley lines that cross our ancient community - or the burning nubs of cigarettes lit by a couple after sex.