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a poisonous crystalline alkaloid (isometric with atropine but more potent)

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Robinul, Donnatal, Levsin, atropine, scopolamine, Pamine, Quarzan, Tral, Darbid, Cantil, Bathine, Pro-Banthine, Pathilon, Bentyl, Daricon, Ditropan, various combination products
Schwarz Pharma's current relationship with Urologists with it's Levsin family of products will be expanded to all those managing erectile dysfunction now and in the future.
Trans-Scop, Antivert/Bonine, Marezine Antidiarrheals - Lomotil, Immodium, Donnagel, Parapectolin Antisecretory - Robinul, Donnatal, Levsin, Atropine, scopolamine,