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printing from a plate with raised characters

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Letterpress printing produced before offset lithography wasn't meant to look like offset printing.
com), a website that celebrates letterpress printing and its creators with the first virtual, community-based gallery of modern letterpress samples and resources.
Flint Group Flexographic Products has introduced the new, soft nyloprint plate WS-S digital for letterpress printing.
The writer, David Jury, is the editor of the professional journal TypoGraphic and the author of previous books on typography and letterpress printing.
uk A GOOD READ * With eight colourful chapters on stationery techniques such as hand-drawn illustration, letterpress printing, calligraphy and collage, I Love Stationery is a mini tome for designers, craft fans and lovers of the written word.
The means is traditional: letterpress printing using lead type, polymer plates and a hand-cranked cylinder proofing press.
He fell in love with letterpress printing and that became his life's work.
Letterpress printing was invented in the mid-15th century and remained a staple until well into the 19th century.
Artists' works such as Baskin's are expensive (though the two examples I use were in my smallish college library), but Sullivan ignores or is unaware of the resurgence of letterpress printing that allows such operations as Ugly Duckling Presse to produce chapbooks and broadsides as ephemeral and as cheap (and at times experimental} as did the avant-garde movement.
Dear Editor, I have always thought that too little has been done to recognise and honour the true genius of John Baskerville, and when I read that the new Library of Birmingham is to be situated between the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Baskerville House, I immediately thought that this sitting is providential and would give the city of Birmingham a golden opportunity to not only exhibit Baskerville's classics (which they do from time to time), but to locate a printing museum within the new library, which would enable visitors the opportunity of viewing the complete 18th Century letterpress printing process involved with the reproduction of Baskerville's classics.
There I was involved in every phase of letterpress printing except linotype operation while I pursued my education in dentistry.
W Williams & Son Printers, which has just signed a deal for two Xerox digital printing presses, started off in the days of hot metal and Letterpress printing.
The sisters were passionate collectors of art and established the tradition of fine letterpress printing at Gregynog in 1922.
From 1889, after the procurement of new equipment, the letterpress printing of the obverse was carried out in Trondheim, as was the intaglio printing from 1891.