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a man who delivers the mail

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They represent thousands of letter carriers who not only deliver the mail to 153 million households and businesses six days a week, but often assist in situations involving accidents, fires, crimes or health crises.
Long before the formal food drive was organized, local letter carriers started bringing food to postal customers who were elderly or not mobile and who were struggling to afford food, heat and rent during the holiday season.
In Central Massachusetts, the letter carriers represented by Branch 12 of the NALC, along with rural carriers from our sister union collected 394,705 pounds of food.
These stories of letter carriers checking in on elderly or sick residents, or helping people whose lives are in danger, occur every day across the country.
The National Association of Letter Carriers reached an interim agreement with USPS to study and adjust routes, according to the union's business agent for New England, John Casciano.
The donations will be picked up as mail is dropped off, then donated by the National Association of Letter Carriers to the Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry in Newhall.
Also during the September 15 ceremony, letter carriers from the Eastern, Central and Western regions of the country were honored for heroic acts.
The National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive, the United States Postal Service, the AFL-CIO, the United Way of Central Massachusetts and the Worcester County Food Bank, strives to stock the shelves of pantries around Central Massachusetts with 400,000 pounds of food during this drive.
Postal Service letter carriers in Lane County collected at least 75,008 pounds of donated canned food items on Saturday, said Dawn Marie Woodward, FOOD for Lane County's media relations coordinator.
The public is being asked to leave nonperishable food in bags next to their mailboxes today during the 14th annual Letter Carriers Food Drive.
Dog bites to postal employees peaked during the mid-1980s when more than 7,000 letter carriers were attacked annually.
a five-member arbitration panel issued an award that set the terms and conditions of employment for some 560,000 postal workers represented by the American Postal Workers Union and the National Association of Letter Carriers for the next 4 years.
Rural letter carriers perform the same work as city letter carriers, but in their own vehicles from which they sell postal products.
WASHINGTON, June 16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The annual food drive of the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) collected almost 71 million pounds of food to help restock food banks, pantries and shelters around the country -- an impressive result made all the more necessary by the extreme weather experienced by much of the country, along with the economic challenges many Americans face.