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Synonyms for inequality


Synonyms for inequality

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for inequality

lack of equality

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7) in case variation in concentration of hf is lessthan 40% w/w and upto 35 %w/w,item will be accepted on pro-rata basis below which the whole lot will be rejected.
Their disappearance came lessthan a week after two men escaped from Pentonville Prison, North London.
Lessthan 1 [pounds sterling] 42% 1 [pounds sterling] to 1.
Mind's manifesto calls for better funding - mental health spending has increased at lessthan 50 per cent of the overall NHS increase.
It is expected to cost around pounds 110,000, and be capable of 0-60 mph in lessthan five seconds, with a top speed of more than 180 mph.
The game was turned on its head when the visitors went in for two tries in lessthan four minutes.
The risk-adjusted return on revenue and the time-weighted average return on revenue for the interaffiliate pool is lessthan that of higher rated companies.
Or One Similar Successfully Completed Workcosting Not Lessthan the Amount Equal to So Ofthe Estimated Cost Put to EMD value : INR 45850 Opening date : 05 Oct 2017 Period of contract : 24 Months
Although the weather remained lessthan tropical, the team had gone all-out to bring a taste of Brazil to the North East, with replicas of famous Rio landmarks like the Christ the Redeemer statue.
The Maximum Effort, Minimum Coverage award goes to Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy who visited Wales no lessthan three times but scarcely rated a mention.
All of these services and applications, including future upgrades, will be available in one easy to use package for a start-up cost of lessthan $500.