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Synonyms for inequality


Synonyms for inequality

the condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree

Antonyms for inequality

lack of equality

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Let us be clear: anything lessthan wholly adequate resources and entirely reliable maintenance procedures are wholly unacceptable.
The risk-adjusted return on revenue and the time-weighted average return on revenue for the interaffiliate pool is lessthan that of higher rated companies.
Lot 1 Rehabilitation works of MCO Gjakove - not lessthan Euro 3,400 or equivalent amount in any freely convertible currency.
He is playing peacemaker ahead of thefirst-ever meeting of two nationswho found themselves at war lessthan two decades ago.
Defenders Neil Fitzhenry (knee) and Mike Tomlinson (heel) and midfielder Dominic Morley (ankle) are all sidelined lessthan a week into the new campaign.
All of these services and applications, including future upgrades, will be available in one easy to use package for a start-up cost of lessthan $500.
2 Switching Endurance 5000Cycles Of On And Off Minimum , 3 Operating Illumination Levels A For Switching On-Less Than 60Lux For 30Seconds, B For Switching Off- Greater Than 10Lux For 30 Seconds, 4 Auto Voltage Levels:A High Voltage Trip/Auto Reset-If Voltage And Gt280ac/And It 270V Resp, Ac, B Low Voltage Trip/Auto Reset-If Voltage Lessthan 150V.
With lessthan six months away from European Capital of Culture 2008, the people of Liverpool are excited and the city has taken part in a complete overhaul to make the city the best it can possibly be.
Liberal councillor Steve Radford first alerted us to a map, buried deep within a 300-page council document, that showed no lessthan five of Liverpool's major urban parks designated as ' Zones Of Opportunity' for house building.
But John Pierce, head of the QCA, which represents listed companies that are valued at lessthan pounds 350 million on the stock market, said yesterday in her enthusiasm to help the sector Ms Hewitt may have got ahead of herself.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Power Capacitor 10Kvar,Working Voltageg 415 Vac / 440Volt ,Three Phase Frequency 50Hz,Normal Duty,Contained Inmetallic Body Square Cap,Terminal Should Be Covered,Not Lessthan 70000 Hrs.