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German playwright and leader of the Enlightenment (1729-1781)

English author of novels and short stories who grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) (born in 1919)

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Lessing was not able to foresee the assimilation of the Jews in the nineteenth century in part due to the mercantile skills they acquired by necessity, but he did provide an insight into the cultural trade-offs the assimilated Jews of Germany would be required to make.
Captain Lessing, and Captain Thomas Stewart, a US Army intelligence officer in the 42nd Squadron of the 2nd Cavalry Group, developed a plan on April 26, 1945, to rescue the horses.
THE STORY: In this tender yet unflinching memoir-cum-novel, 88-yearold Doris Lessing recalls her parents, "these sick and half crazy people," whose promising young lives were dismally shaped by World War I.
We chose the brilliant fables of Doris Lessing for her inimitable style and accurate depiction of human emotions, based on her agility to move between realism and symbolism.
In extracts of a BBC interview, Lessing said that winning the prestigious prize had been "a bloody disaster.
Judges described Lessing, above at her London home, as "that epicist of the female experience, who with scepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilisation to scrutiny".
This quality is exacerbated for the modern reader who is not intimately familiar with Lessing, Winckelmann, Horace, Homer and others, and thus has to keep flipping back to the Editor's Notes to make sense of what Herder is going on about.
The university has also drafted in style consultant company Styletalk - motto "because style speaks volumes" - whose owner Cyndy Lessing will run a male don makeover workshop.
PATRICIA HAGEMANN has been named chief operating officer of the Americas; DAVID LESSING, chief operating officer of the U.
Both are concerned with the problematic of home for white women, and while Buckle chooses to stay and Lessing chooses to leave, both decisions are informed by a wider empathetic gesture than their foremothers, particularly Boggie, would countenance.
Their relationship allows for a shift in the attitudes of both the king of Zone Four and Al x Ith herself, leading to the resolution of the novel, and the restoration of harmony to the fictional world Lessing creates.
Lessing was immersed in the debate between the Ancients and Moderns that dominated the intellectual life of his time.
Hannah Lessing, general secretary of the general settlement fund, said it was hoped to process all of the 19,300 survivors who had applied by the end of 2006, though some cases were very complicated.
When Doris Lessing gave a speech on receiving the Prince of Asturias Prize in 2002, she had a lot to say about 'the educated person' and in that address she compared the product of the traditional humanist education with the graduate specialist of today.
Joining the board are Gary Lessing and Michael Atkin, both as directors.