Lespedeza cuneata

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perennial widely planted as for forage and as hay crop especially on poor land

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In the past, for instance, Lespedeza cuneata was a popular plant with quail hunters because it provided food and cover for the birds.
The most common exotics species occurring in the roadside fields were Alliaria petiolata, Cichorium intybus, Daucus carota, Lactuca serriola, Lamium purpureum, Lespedeza cuneata, Lysimachia nummularia, Pastinaca sativa, Plantago lanceolata, Securigera varia, Stellaria media, Trifolium spp.
Winter Summer Winter Plants (2005-2006) (2006) (2006-2007) Forbs Allium x Ambrosia x x Cirsium x x x Dalea x x Desmodium x Galium x Helianthus x x x Kummerowia stipulacea x Lespedeza capitata x x Lespedeza cuneata x Melilotus x Phyla x x x Psoralea x Rudbeckia x Sisyrinchium x Solidago x x x Verbena x x Woody plants Amorpha x x Ceanothus (leaf) x Cornus x x Rhus (leaf) x x x Rosa (leaf) x Rosa (stem) x x Rubus (leaf) x Salix (stem) x x Symphoricarpos (leaf) x x Celtis (leaf) x x x Gleditsia (stem) x x Morus (leaf) x x Populus (stem) x Quercus (leaf) x x Grasses Agrostis x Alopecurus x Andropogon x x Bouteloua x Bromus x x x Elymus x x Panicum x x Poa x x Schizachyrium x Sorghastrum x x Sporobolus x
Mechanisms for dominance in an early successional old field by the invasive non-native Lespedeza cuneata (Dum.
Festuca pratensis (meadow fescue) and Lespedeza cuneata (Chinese lespedeza), common on the unmowed portion, were likely planted as cover for stabilizing the landfill soil cap.
Lespedeza cuneata showed dramatic increases in spring/spring burn treatment over the control, however, no dramatic difference in Lespedeza cuneata was observed for the fall/spring burn treatment over the control.
Fabaceae Introduced Lespedeza cuneata Fabaceae Introduced Medicago lupulina Fabaceae Introduced Melilotus albus and Mehlotus officinalis Fabaceae Introduced Trifolium campestre Onagraceae Native Oenothera biennis Oxalidaceae -- Oxalis sp.