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the sea personified

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Prior to joining LER, Miller successfully championed start-ups and engineered organizational turnarounds.
During the first Quarter of 2013, LER focused on drilling and completing new wells as well as recompletions of existing wells within its core acreage in Texas.
Saw Ler Moo watched a panicked dog snap at its owner, only to be slashed from behind by two other men.
Verthein e Minayo-Gomes (2000) informam que a legislação brasileira que normatiza as condições de trabalho e as ações relacionadas à prevenção e ao tratamento de pessoas que desenvolvem doenças ocupacionais vem passando por um processo de modernização e, dentro dessa nova visão, o termo LER foi substituído por DORT.
Paul Donohue, and I decided to risk going to Ler to see with our own eyes.
conducting research into the effects of the programs, activities and other interventions from the interreg q: "the ler (n) income euroregion do it
Consolidated results were similarly improved given the prominence of the utility operations despite weaker performance from LER.
LER is The Laclede Group's second largest subsidiary in terms of revenue, generating approximately $860 million in business in fiscal 2010.
This price action is nearly exclusively driven by the continuing sharp price increases applied by all suppliers of LER over the past few months as a result of very tight availability of its key feedstock raw materials.
As a result of the transaction, LER will become a consolidated and wholly-owned subsidiary of Entravision.
While LER is exposed to risks associated with hedge effectiveness, basis differentials, and customer concentration, the energy marketing business is supported by a parent guarantee which limits the amount of collateral postings.
While our LER subsidiary was impacted by the industry-wide narrowing of regional price differentials, it was solidly profitable and expanded its market base and volumes in a tough environment.
These decreases were partially offset by higher sales volumes by LER and a gain earned by Laclede Gas on a non-regulated sale of propane in the wholesale market during the first quarter of fiscal 2010.
Adding knowledgeable and experienced sales professionals who are well-versed in the Spanish-language media industry like Don and Jose demonstrates our ability to attract the best and brightest to serve our clients," said Phillip Woodie, President of LER.
In addition, fault breccia cropping out at Ler Creek assayed 48 g/t Au, was identified as a Dickite anomaly in the Aster evaluation and requires further assessment.