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However, astronomers have predicted that Lovejoy should be at its brightest when it reaches Lepus.
Lepus alleni occurs in the Sonoran Desert only in the Arizona Upland, Plains of Sonora, and Central Gulf Coast subdivisions including Tiburon Island (Hall, 1981; Turner and Brown, 1994).
Looking at the materials that he was given, Lepus said, "I have been thinking about going to Beijing for quite a while now.
Lepus the Hare is generally seen as the animal being chased by Orion's hunting dog, Canis Major, but looked at differently it could also be seen as a chair in the star formation for Orion the hunter.
13]C of bone collagen from leporids, specifically Lepus calif brnicus (black-tailed jackrabbit) and Sylvilagus sp.
If you have not done so already, then February and March may be your last opportunity of the winter to observe the low-altitude constellations under Orion: Lepus, Canis Major, and Puppis.
aspect Purpose DPML [check] both MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) RSL [check] both MDA, code verification OCSID both SPINE [check] static Code verification SPQR static Code X-ray Object-Calculus both RBML [check] both MDA Slam-SL [check] both Inference in general ODOL (OWL) [check] static Pattern Repository URN both Ease of use PEC [check] static Enforcing compiler LePUS [check] static Pattern Repository TLA dynamic FOL static Prolog static BPSL both Inference in general
And to this day, I could probably still distinguish Auriga from Lepus, if only I could see them.
This small survey interviewed 100 professionals in attendance at the Lepus seminar held in London and found that 69% of respondents said that their trading and risk management requirements have changed as a result of current market volatility.
LONDON, April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- A panel of risk management experts from leading City-based financial institutions - brought together by management consultancy Lepus (http://www.
Others discuss the SPINE language for pattern verification, intent-oriented Design pattern formalization using SPQR, formalizing patterns as model transformations, the role-based metamodeling language, modeling and reasoning in SLAM-SL, the applications and enhancement of LePUS, and a pattern-enforcing compiler for Java.
If you've not had a visit to your garden by the Black-tail Jackrabbit, or Lepus californicus, consider yourself fortunate indeed.
Minor dental traits in East African cape hares and savanna hares (Lepus capensis and Lepus victoriae): A study of intra- and interspecific variability.
As you can read watching movie parodies by bunnies is not like watching giant man-eating rabbits (believe it or not a movie with such a plot exists and is known as Night of the Lepus circa 1972).
The flickering silver pulse of Sirius just above the horizon - a filling in the mouth of the great dog Canis, bearing its teeth at Lepus the hare.