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Two Invasive Alien Insect Species, Leptoglossus occidentalis (Heteroptera: Coreidae) And Cydalima perspectalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), And Their Distribution And Host Plants In Istanbul Province, Turkey, Florida Entomologist.
Ocorrencia de Gryon gallardoi (Brethes) (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) parasitando ovos de Leptoglossus zonatus (Dallas) (Hemiptera: Coreidae) em Itumbiara, Goias, Brasil.
Feeding by Leptoglossus occidentalis (Hemiptera: Coreidae) reduces seed set in lodgepole pine (Pinaceae).
Avaliacao da resistencia de frutos de quatro genotipos de maracujazeiro a Leptoglossus gonagra Fabr.
Melucha phyllocnemis (Burmeister) on the side of a trap and Leptoglossus sp.
Por ejemplo, el aguaje, es considerado un hospedero de Leptoglossus hesperus Brailovsky & Couturier (Anisoscelini, Coreidae) (Vasquez et al.
INRA-CEE (1994) and Badillo (1995) have observed different pest in pitahaya crops in Nicaragua: stem weevil Maracayia chlorisalis Walker (might be controlled with Trichogramma), Cotinis mutibales Gory and Percheron and Euphoria limatula Janson beetles, Metamasiu fareih striatofo Galli, laminated legs bugs Leptoglossus phyllosus y Leptoglossus zonatus Dallas, ants from genus Atta (Atta caphalote, Atta colombica and Acromymex sp) and Solenopsis sp.
Follaje Leptoglossus chilensis Spinola, 1852 Follaje Protopsilaphapyrrkoptera Philippi y Philippi, 1864 Follaje Hybreoleptops tuberculifer Bohemian, 1842 Follaje Perzelia sp.
Parasitoids of Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann (Heteroptera: Coreidae) recovered in western North America and first record of its egg parasitoid Gryon pennsylvanicum (Ashmead) (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) in California.
Coreidae Leptoglossus corcultts (Say) Coreidae Leptoglossus oppositus (Say) Coreidae Leptoglossuss phvllopus (L.
Oebalus pugnax, Chlorochroa ligala (Say) and Nezara viridula (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), and Leptoglossus phyllopus have all been shown to cause reductions in yield and germination of sorghum seed (Hall & Teetes 1982a, 1982b).
The western conifer seed bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis (Heidemann, 1910) (Heteroptera: Coreidae), is an invasive alien species of North American origin (McPherson et al.
Of the 14 insect species belonging to 18 families and 8 orders (Table 1) identified in this study, two species of true bugs stand out; Leptoglossus zonatus (Dallas) (Heteroptera: Coreidae) and Pachycoris klugii Burmeister (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae).