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Lull (1904) considered Isocampe strata to represent a synapsid track, whereas Haubold (1971) considered Isocampe strata to be a lepidosaur track allied to the Triassic ichnogenus Gwynnedichnium.
These deposits contain abundant dissociated and occasional articulated material of (in order of abundance) the sphenodontian lepidosaur Clevosaurus bairdi (including the holotype, NSM988GF1.
It was recognized a diversity of vertebrate fauna composed by semionotiform fishes, at least one lepidosaur taxon, and representatives of three groups of archosaurs, such as crocodylomorphs, pterosaurians and dinosaurs.
actinopterygians, lissamphibians, lepidosaurs, turtles, crocodyliforms, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and mammals), making it one of the most diverse associations hitherto known for this age in Europe (see Csiki-Sava et al.
The BU researchers have challenged a recent analysis of shared microRNA families that suggested that turtles are more closely linked to Lepidosaurs.