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En la Sierra Madre del Sur se encuentran 85 registros de los generos Asterohyptis, Hyptis, Lepechinia (Figs.
Lamiaceae Lepechinia caulescens (Ortega) Epling Lamiaceae Salvia cinnabarina M.
Some of Morrill's less common favorites, available in limited quantities during the sale, include Erica verticillata, an evergreen shrub from South Africa with feathery green leaves and mauve flowers in summer; and Lepechinia hastata, a dramatic 6- by 6-foot perennial from Mexico, with long, arrow-shaped leaves and mauve summer flowers.
Hart (1985) documented a correlation between dioecy and xeric habitats in a phylogenetic study of Lepechinia (Lamiaceae).
Sobre la familia Lamiaceae, el caracter mas importante para separar los tres generos estudiados fue la escultura, ya que el genero Lepechinia es reticulado con muros homobrochados; Salvia presenta muros heterobrochados, no estan formados por columnelas continuas y disminuyen hacia el lado del apocolo, y en Prunella, los muros forman reticulos y rugulas (Tabla 1).
arbusto Lepechinia caulescens (Ortega) Epling hierba Marrubium vulgare L.
a BQ, BP 1695, 1822 * Lepechinia nelsonii H BMM 1861 (Fernald) Epling *Salvia gracilis Benth.
Phytochemical study and antibacterial activity evaluation of Lepechinia bullata (Kunth) Epling leaves.
Persoon 36 Ribes peruvianum Janczewski 37 LAMIACEAE Lepechinia sp.
Auguilla, Augilla JUGLANDACEAE Juglans Nogal Leaves, fresh Oral neotropica Diels LAMIACEAE Lavandula Alucema, Flowers, Oral angustifolia Alhucema, Leaves, Stems Miller Labanda and Seeds, dried Lepechinia Salvia, Salvia Whole plant, Oral meyenii real fresh or dried (Walpers) Epling Salvia discolor Palmeras Stems, fresh Oral H.
HRGC/FID and HRGC/MSD analysis of the secondary metabolites obtained by different extraction methods from Lepechinia schiedeana, and in vitro evaluation of its antioxidant activity", J.