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Synonyms for Leo

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Leo

a zodiacal constellation in northern hemisphere between Cancer and Virgo

the fifth sign of the zodiac

References in classic literature ?
Leo Hunter's acquaintances are; it is her ambition, sir, to have no other acquaintance.
Leo Hunter, that that remark fell from your lips, sir, she will indeed be proud,' said the grave man.
Leo Hunter greater pleasure, if her guests saw a gentleman of your celebrity in his own costume, rather than in an assumed one.
Leo Hunter, then, that she may confidently expect you and your distinguished friends?
Leo Hunter had not exaggerated the resources of Mr.
Leo Hunter in the character of Minerva, receiving the company, and overflowing with pride and gratification at the notion of having called such distinguished individuals together.
Leo Hunter, starting up, in an affected rapture of surprise.
Leo Hunter, 'I must make you promise not to stir from my side the whole day.
Leo always begs to sleep there, and Ambrosch goes along to look after him.
I joined them, and Leo accompanied us at some distance, running ahead and starting up at us out of clumps of ironweed, calling, `I'm a jack rabbit,' or, `I'm a big bull-snake.
She has a picture of you that she cut out of the Chicago paper once, and Leo says he recognized you when you drove up to the windmill.
After supper we went into the parlour, so that Yulka and Leo could play for me.
He wasn't any Rockefeller,' put in Master Leo, in a very low tone, which reminded me of the way in which Mrs.
I was saucy and impertinent to him, Leo, like you are with people sometimes, and I wish somebody had made me behave.
Ambrosch and Leo cuddled up in a hay-cave, back under the eaves, and lay giggling and whispering.