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convex on both sides

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7153555 titled Method of bonding a lenticular lens sheet to plastic objects and objects made from the same, assigned to Travel Tags Inc.
You can grab about one and a half seconds and put it into a lenticular label," says Gary Jacobsen, president and founder of LentiClear Lenticular Lens and Animated Printing & Packaging, in Itasca, IL.
For its high-end product shots for companies like Chanel, Depthography utilizes the continuous scan camera which uses a digital process to create a continuous photo smeared across the diameter of a lenticular lens as the camera or subject moves.
The narrow specular reflector behind the lamp, works in conjunction with the lenticular lens to provide a consistent linear image.
As a next step in their research, the team hopes to refine the method, and apply it to developing other single-projector, frontal methods of 3-D display, using technologies such as passive polarization-activated lens arrays and the lenticular lens approach.
8220;The 3rd and 4th dimensions we can get with the use of lenticular lens.
The abstract states 'The thin lens dimensional image display device generally includes a lens array on a first surface of a film, such as a lenticular lens array or a fly's eye lens array, with a printed imaged either printed directly on a second planar surface of the film, or on a separate substrate that is laminated thereto.