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the political and economic theories of Lenin which provided the guiding doctrine of the Soviet Union

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Primo, he places the development of this project within the theoretical framework of IR theories, and secondo, by encompassing an ideological analysis of different categories of Leninisms, the author manages to come up with the concept of Romantic Leninism, considered the most suitable depiction of the Romanian communist ideology after 1965.
After Deng Xiaoping criticised the left ideology of Mao Zedong and promoted the emancipation of the spirit of the CCP and the implementation of an economic open door policy in 1978, [he political practice of the CCP gradually deviated from Marxism, Leninism and Mao's main idea.
If Nexus smacks of "Marxism, Leninism and Trotskyism", then nasty tactics used on the operators' side to drive out smaller competitors during 1990s privatisation wars in the North East - in Darlington, for example - smacked of fascism.
This gives further credence to the dominant leftist interpretation that after the infantile syndicalist excesses of the pre-war period, the Labour Party and Leninism became the only major socialist tendencies in New Zealand.
An unusual melange between different ideological extremes, romantic Leninism enters the stage once Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej's young successor, Nicolae Ceausescu, achieves and consolidates power.
The review Bould was referencing was probably "Leninists in Space" from the February 2010 Socialist Standard, a poorly written send-up of Red Planets that does, in fact, accuse the contributors of unabashed Leninism while castigating them for what it views as their overly theoretical approach to sf.
People would gather and quietly listen, and with every minute, the idea of another world in their heads kept growing and nobody wanted to be a guy with a red handkerchief on his neck, embodying Leninism and Marxism.
Alan Shandro makes a spirited defence of Lenin and leninism by stressing the reality of 'Soviet socialism under siege'.
Though Meisner gives great attention to the role of Marxism, he makes only passing mention to the role of Leninism in China's revolution.
They (Maoists) are using the philosophy of Marxism and Leninism to have their own brand of ideology.
Actually the former Pee Em is an old mate of mine from way back we studied Applied Leninism together at Pyongyang Poly--so as we shared a three-star dinner at Comme Chez Soi he spilled the beans (haricots verts in this case).
Professor Brown observes that Gorbachev's esteem for Lenin over the years stayed in place, although not for Leninism itself.
Such exultant poems as "The International Spirit," written in the year that McKay published his best-selling black proletarian novel, Home to Harlem (1928)--the same year that the Comintern's Sixth World Congress passed a resolution that African Americans in the US South constituted an "oppressed nation"--contest the orthodoxy that McKay chucked Leninism during the early 1920s.
On January 21, 1927 he is quoted (in The Times), from Rome, saying of Mussolini: 'If I had been an Italian I am sure I would have been wholeheartedly with you from start to finish in your triumphant struggle against the bestial appetites of Leninism.
In Vietnam, we were making a stand against the communists to prevent the spread of Marxist Leninism.