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Russian founder of the Bolsheviks and leader of the Russian Revolution and first head of the USSR (1870-1924)

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We must know why a great liberator and unwavering supporter of India's independence, Lenin is being targetted by the Hindutva goons.
The post Putin says grandfather cooked for Stalin and Lenin appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
These strands together constituted huge dilemmas and tension for Lenin in terms of the strategic, ideological and political choices he made before and after the revolution, with lasting reverberations for the rest of the globe.
The prosecutor's office of Lenin district said 4 detainees were suspected of using marijuana.
On the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power, we need to remember that Lenin was not just a proponent of mass terror, but also a man who wanted to turn moral values on their head.
Though Vladimir Lenin is best remembered--and reviled in the capitalist West--as leader of the 1917 Communist revolution in Russia, Zizek argues that his genius is most apparent during the final two years of his political life.
Aquel gran oximoron de la historia que fue la Revolucion rusa--una revolucion obrera en un pais sin apenas clase obrera--no hubiera sido posible sin la Primera Guerra Mundial y la firme determinacion de Lenin.
La autora destaca la participacion de actores como Parvus (Helphand), oscilante mediador entre alemanes y revolucionarios rusos, que jugo un papel fundamental en el transito de Lenin por territorio aleman.
Unidos en el estudio obsesivo de la literatura marxista, hubo siempre entre ellos una division entre los burgueses cultos emigrados, como Lenin, y los hombres duros de accion que vivian en la propia Rusia.
To be Lenin is accolade Gilbert Ton To be congratulated by Lenin is hardly an accolade.
The scene refers to the 1991 demolition of the Soviet sculptor Nikolai Tomsky's monument to Lenin in East Berlin.
Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin has long been considered a villain in the Ukraine.
In early March 1917, immediately after the fall of the tsar, Lenin set down his reaction to the cataclysmic events in Russia in four Letters from Afar, using the skimpy news reports available to him in Switzerland.
Statues of Lenin have been overlooking the smallest Ukrainian villages for decades.
PREVIEW Goodnight Lenin HARE AND HOUNDS, KINGS HEATH, BIRMINGHAM IT'S goodnight - but just for a while - from alternative folk band Goodnight Lenin.