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the transfer of goods and services to an ally to aid in a common cause


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The American President solved the problem in 1943 by stating to the administrator of the Lend-Lease program that: "in order to enable you to arrange Lend-Lease aid to the government of Saudi Arabia, I hereby find that the defense of Saudi Arabia is vital to the defense of the United States.
Arguing that world evangelization is spiritual warfare, requiring vast economic, human, and spiritual resources, Rowell calls the church to build a war chest for world mission, parallel to Roosevelt's World War II Lend-Lease program for American allies.
armed forces beginning with World War II when the company was the second largest supplier of diesel generators under the Lend-Lease Program.
representative of Roosevelt's Lend-Lease program in London.
The Lend-Lease program for Stalin's Far East Army was a proposal that was never actually carried out, but Perloff quotes Major General Whitney, implying it actually happened.