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But not all of the Arctic is producing great numbers of lemmings -- or snowy owls.
Nous avons tente de capturer des lemmings sous la neige dans leur habitat hivernal prefere en utilisant des boites en forme de cheminee a deux sites situes dans l'Arctique canadien.
Herein, we evaluated the population dynamics and ecology of southern bog lemmings and woodland voles as the dominant rodents in the absence of the larger and usually dominant oldfield meadow voles, cotton rats, and rice rats in our region.
Esta creencia surgio del libro Children's Enciclopaedia (1908), de Arthur Mee, y se volvio parte del imaginario colectivo gracias al laureado <<documental>> de Walt Disney, White Wilderness (1958), en el que se filmo la supuesta migracion de los lemmings en Alberta, Canada, cuando en esta zona no existe salida al mar ni habitan lemmings.
The centre will run its popular animal encounter sessions every day throughout the Easter holidays, giving visitors the chance to meet Big Bertha, the lemmings, the wood mice and a host of other fascinating creatures, including Easter bunnies and chicks, pygmy hedgehogs, ferrets and rats.
A US study found that when lemmings are absent, the Arctic tundra is likely to be more barren and covered in lichens and moss.
He has to save the world from his mad science teacher, the dapper yet evil Professor Igor Malovenski, who is involved in an outlandish plot to set up equipment at the North Pole in midsummer to use lemmings to melt the ice cap, so raising the sea levels, and benefitting his associates in crime and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.
The seemingly small change could have disastrous consequences for a number of species that feed on the lemmings, such as snowy owls, Arctic foxes, the long-tailed skua (a seagull-like bird) and the stoat (also known as the short-tailed weasel), all of which could have further effects on other animals later this century.
With mathematical models, the researchers showed that the drastic change in the population dynamics of collared lemmings is explained by the fact that snow melts sooner than before.
When forced into a corner, lemmings will defend themselves to the death, while Republicans will let themselves, their children and their parents die while defending insurance giants to the death (even as the insurance giants deny them coverage).
Summary: BA workers have used live lemmings to protest against the firm's cost-cutting plans.
Lemmings get a bad press for their behaviour which is a bit harsh as the mass-suicide is based on myth and Walt Disney films.
No, it's the fact of their collective madness that has made lemmings a reference point for human conduct.
All the lemmings who want to jump off the cliff and rip everything up won't get their wish.