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Hong Kong's legislature, Legco, has comparatively limited powers; it can effectively veto legislation proposed by the Chief Executive, approves or disapproves of the annual budget, and has some oversight over the operations of the executive branch.
The Democratic Party is the most vocal party in support of more democracy and the introduction of direct elections for both the entire Legco and the position of Chief Executive.
In the late stages of British rule in Hong Kong, the colonial government conducted two elections in which some members of the LegCo were directly elected.
While current prospects for compromise look bleak, some observers see some room for negotiations in the specific legislation considered by Legco.
In the LegCo, the colonial secretary stated to applause that this was a move 'towards the ultimate establishment of a university'.
National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) issued a decision on Hong Kong's constitutional development which, while ruling out universal suffrage in 2012, appears to open the way for Hong Kong to achieve full universal suffrage for the CE in 2017, and full universal suffrage for LegCo in 2020.
While the DAB was keen to see the bill concerning Article 23 rammed through the LegCo on July 9, the LP had reservations.
Cottrell, the director of African Education, passionately opposed the Catholic secretary general's amendment and was so determined to block it that he proposed that it should be reviewed by the Executive Council of Legco.
It has been used by government officials, pro-government members of the Legislative Council (LegCo), environmental groups, opposition members of the LegCo and business groups.
90) However, after the transition, LegCo was abolished by the Preparatory Committee(91) and replaced with the Provisional Council.
Gore-Brown was invited to get involved with the colony's politics and began to make long trips away from 'Shiwa House' on LegCo (Legislative Committee) business.
Indeed, after the last British-era Legislative Council (Legco) was disbanded, the so-called Provisional Legco of handpicked pro-China legislators that replaced it promptly repealed legislation protecting unions and the right to strike.
9) Another liberal political party is Frontier, led by Emily Lau Wai-hing, a former LegCo member and an outspoken critic of the PRC, and Lee Cheuk-yan, a leader of the independent Confederation of Trade Unions.
Some sitting Legco members will not be a part of the Provisional Legislature because of their political affiliations and public opposition to Beijing's policies.
But China, saying that Britain held the election only to sabotage China's takeover, has announced plans to scrap the Legco on July 1 and replace it with a ``provisional legislature.