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a system for interpreting and enforcing the laws

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I am quite mindful of the reluctance of many fudges and scholars in this country to accept the need for, or the appropriateness of, a duty of good faith and fair dealing in Australian contract law, given the overwhelming acceptance of that principle in the legal systems of the world.
This book is intended to introduce American law students to variations in approaches to human rights in several of the more important legal systems of the world, including India, Japan, Europe, and the US.
According to Berman by "world law" is meant the common features of the legal systems of the world, and especially the body of customary law that is gradually being created by the people of the world in their transnational interrelationships.
Article 21 provides that in reaching decisions the Court shall apply "this Statute," as well as "treaties and the principles and rules of international law," "general principles of law derived by the Court from national laws of legal systems of the world," and even "principles and rules of law as interpreted in its previous decisions.