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In the review petition, Mr Tareen justified that none of the legal instruments were signed by him, nor was he party to any of these documents.
Since the fall of New Order up to now, civil society movements have been taking part in formulating many legal instruments in the humanitarian field, including women's rights.
Mohisn Abbas Syed, senior legal expert on the occasion presented the detail of various legal instruments that were available to curb the corruption from governance systems.
1 (Petra) -- Arab Experts renewed calls to activate standards to ensure nuclear security to make the Middle East a zone free of weapons of mass destruction, through the accession and ratification of the international legal instruments.
The public trust doctrine, according to Elizabeth Brown, legal coordinator for Our Children's Trust, is one of the overarching legal instruments used in this and similar legal challenges her organization is pursuing.
The situation around Armenia shows that the arms control agreement has no present-day legal instruments that
The symposium, organized by the GCC Secretariat under a decision by the 34th session of the GCC Supreme Council, is part of the efforts to promote public awareness about the GCC legal instruments relating to extraditions of criminals and arrest warrants, Al-Zamanan said.
Talking to a private TV channel, he said the disagreement with Pakistan TehreekeInsaf's legal team is on legal instruments.
In its analysis, ARTICLE 19 mentions a number of the positive aspects, in particular, the international legal instruments recognized by Tajikistan, which are used to regulate the media.
IP laws and other legal instruments provide different avenues to protect the collective reputations of coffee growing communities.
This volume consists of a 70-page essay on the possibilities of reconciling intellectual property law and human rights law followed by presentation of the most relevant legal instruments.
In a nutshell, how should a translator of international or European legal instruments distinguish a politically motivated linguistic obscurity, intentionally left unclear in a text, from a negligent linguistic error, caused by the drafters' lack of linguistic competence?
These legal instruments were collectively called "the Warsaw Regime," meaning that the parent treaty was the Warsaw Convention.
For the moment, the coexistence of legal instruments with different personal and material scope breeds legal uncertainty, including through lack of practical application of the two laws ratifying the Council of Europe anti-corruption standards, the report says.
Legal Instruments: Security for women begins with the signing and ratification by governments of gender-based legal instruments, specifically those developed by the United Nations.