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Having invested a significant amount of time, effort and expense in doing so, sellers need to ensure that the approach taken to legal execution of their transaction gives them the highest possible chance of success.
David Waisel has claimed that "organized medicine has an obligation to permit physician participation in legal execution," (2) while Kenneth Baum has concluded that "condemned death row inmates are, for all practical purposes, terminally ill patients, albeit under a nontraditional definition of the term, and deserve to be treated as such [by physicians].
From the disembodied voice of the state of Tennessee: "Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the legal execution of Daryl Holton.
Interestingly, his hanging was the first legal execution in Kansas since 1888.
THE guillotine, which first came into use during the French Revolution, was the only legal execution method in France until the death penalty was abolished there in 1981, apart from serious crimes against state security where a firing squad was used.
Yet legal execution can be ``necessary'' because it is not murder.
And all this in a country with a track record for executing children, the mentally handicapped and of running a legal execution system so ruthless and politically motivated it is dubbed the death factory.
It is possible that there will never be another legal execution in our state.
In a later chapter, we learn of the efforts in 1946 in Saskatchewan to prevent the legal execution of Jack Loran, a 17 year old convicted of a senseless slaying.