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Williams, 36, has filed legal documents to trademark the Aneres name for a range of products that is believed to include skincare prep and make-up removing products, colognes and perfumes, make-up kits, bath soaps, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara, reports TMZ.
This volume contains legal documents related to the status of Islam and Muslims in Sweden, focusing on individualsAE access to practicing their religious obligations and the ability to organize their religious life, including the status of religious communities, state support for Islamic religious communities, integration laws, criminal law, family law, and legislation related to mosques and prayer houses, burial and cemeteries, education and schools, further and higher education, Islamic chaplaincies in public institutions, employment, social laws, discrimination, Islamic slaughter and food regulations, Islamic goods and services, and dress.
According to security officials, "Frontier Corps Balochistan and law enforcement agencies raided the seminary and arrested 100 Afghan students residing there without legal documents.
Advocate General Punjab Hanif Khatana appeared on being summoned by the court and told that the vehicles were released to owners who had legal documents.
Additionally, about 335 conditional sectors are specified in 255 legal documents released by ministries, cities and provinces.
Network of independent contractors in place to file court papers, serve legal documents and do document retrieval.
In addition to simplifying legal document management, the integrations also ensure secure mobile management of legal documents, enabling legal professionals to remain productive when away from their desks.
uk) said that in the last 12 months there has been an increase in demand for online legal documents and that the demand came from start-ups and medium size businesses.
BECAUSE the state has been unable to provide the public and its lawmakers with a free legal portal where all legal documents and legislation would be available and searchable to anyone, the Bar Association has done it instead.
KABUL (PAN): As many as 130 foreigners have been working at private institutions across Afghanistan without having legal documents, a Ministry of Labour official said on Monday.
A Senate bill has been filed to add a "surcharge" to those who file paper copies of court or other legal documents once electronic filing is required.
A FREE-VISA worker, to be released soon from the Hidd Detention Centre after serving a six months sentence, is stranded in Bahrain because he doesn't have the legal documents to prove his citizenship.
Don Evans has opened Legal Documents For You, a legal document preparation service.
Firms working for the companies can now access an updated information warehouse to retrieve a complete set of legal documents.
Also, Hein's The Iraq War (2003): A Documentary Legal History is a new collection of legal documents and commentary relating to the legal justification for the current conflict in Iraq.