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personal representation that has legal status

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Contract award: legal services in the field of legal representation before courts, tribunals or other adjudicating authorities and legal advice on legal representation for gddkia.
The main thing I have learned is you can't walk into a courtroom without competent legal representation,'' Simpson said Wednesday.
Legal services in the field of legal representation before courts, tribunals or other adjudicating authorities and legal advice in this regard to the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways - legal assistance in criminal proceedings, in particular representation prosecutor in the case against those accused of involvement in zmowach tender.
Lot 1: Consultancy, assistance and legal representation of the public service particularly in the context of career monitoring, discipline, health and safety officers (all sectors: administrative, municipal police technique).
Legal services consisting in rendering legal representation before courts, tribunals or other adjudicating authorities or legal advice in the field of legal representation, in particular representation of PKP Polish Railway Lines in ongoing and future litigation, enforcement and administrative and other matters arising during the implementation of the Agreement.
Ken Sold and Ray Sanseverino of Corbin, Silver & Sanseverino provided legal representation in the transaction.
1) The replacement process and advising on legal representation in proceedings for refund of overpaid tax on goods and services;
Dewey Ballantine provided legal representation for the purchaser.
As he faces the deepest political crisis of his career, President Clinton is portrayed by staff and friends as increasingly a picture of isolation: He has shut out his top political aides for fear that their participation would imperil his legal representation.
After nearly three decades of practicing law in New York, Allan Starr called on his experience to create a team of attorneys with the expertise to provide broad-based legal representation for the industry.
Paula Jones announced new legal representation and fund raising for her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton on Wednesday and the lawyers said they would prepare to take it to trial.
NLSA's mission is meeting the civil legal needs of the poor and vulnerable in our community through effective legal representation and education.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: provision of legal advice and legal representation on behalf of the public establishment of the louvre museum (epml).
They are almost always the poorest of the poor, and the least likely to have the resources to get crack legal representation.
Legal representation for the purchaser was provided by Mark Mandell, Esq.
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