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the ideology of the political left

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WWW is hard-wired into the radical network and boasts the support of such prominent leftist lobbies as the National Organization for Women, the Sierra Club, the NAACP, and the National Council of Churches.
Local media professionals often call on familiar leftists to lend credibility to sundry elitist priorities supported by media liberals.
The lyrics of this great leftist anthem go to the core of that declining worldview, whose passing I lament.
The extreme right use liberal, leftist, progressive, and socialists as synonyms for anti-American.
In an online interview, Sison said that if the leftist appointees resigned, they would 'assume the burden of explaining why they are resigning.
The post Greek Syriza leftists pull slightly ahead of conservatives -- poll appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The clashes were reminiscent of violent political free-for-alls that shook the university in the late 1970s before the 1980 coup which featured bloody conflicts between leftists and far-right extremists.
If so, isn't it possible that those British leftists who are antisemitic are no different in this regard than their counterparts from other parts of the British political spectrum?
We expect, then, the movement to form an alliance with the traditional leftist parties, and it might be the only reason for the traditional leftists to join the political scene.
This spoof of Gloria Gaynor's 1978 "I will Survive," by Egyptian Secular leftists about sums it up.
At the Turin conference, Stanishev met a number of leading European leftists politicians from different countries.
However, it is well known that most if not all these liberals-rather-than leftists are hard-core Zionists who oppose the dismantling of Jewish settlements and especially the repatriation of significant numbers of Palestinian refugees back to their homes and villages in what is now Israel.
BEIJING (TAP)- A group of Chinese leftists have written an open letter asking parliament not to expel disgraced leader Bo Xilai.
Pre-poll bids to field a single candidate on behalf of liberals and leftists fizzled out.
Leftists speak on campuses with few incidents, but when Ann Coulter and similarly prominent conservatives go to our halls of higher learning they sometimes need a platoon of bodyguards.