Lebanese pound

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the basic unit of money in Lebanon

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BEIRUT: The Lebanese pound remains stable said BDL's First Vice Governor Raed Charafeddine over the weekend while ruling out any further downgrade of Lebanon by international rating agencies.
Taking into account the Lebanese pound exchange rate and the USD food price variation, it allowsto compute a yearly rate of change of the food price in the local currency, and then to compare it with the consumer price inflation.
You have been credited with adopting prudent policies to keep the Lebanese pound stable.
Many depositors have switched into dollars, despite higher interest rates offered on the Lebanese pound, prompting banks to conserve their local currency holdings, rather than buying the treasury bills on which government financing relies.
Furthermore, according to leading Lebanese economic analyst Kamal Hamdan, Hariri's policy of maintaining the Lebanese pound at 1500 to the US dollar might have cost the economy US$4 billion.
Shifting deposits into foreign currency accounts helped moderate what could have been a worse inflationary bout, but this reduction in the private sector's desire to hold pound-denominated liquid balances exacerbated the pace of depreciation of the Lebanese pound and the linkage coefficient between inflation and depreciation.
BEIRUT: Disgruntled customers said Wednesday that they had been duped by Lebanon's Central Bank (BDL), claiming that collectible gold Lebanese pound bills they purchased were actually gold plated, and primarily made of plastic and nylon.
6 trillion Lebanese pounds ($121 billion) in May from 168.
Salameh reiterated that the Lebanese pound exchange rate against the U.
Riad Salameh told Reuters that the bank's stocks made it the second biggest holder of gold in the Middle East and North Africa, and that maintaining those reserves was important to preserving confidence in the Lebanese pound.
Charafeddine: Despite all these challenges you mentioned, the biggest success of Lebanon has been to keep people's trust in the Lebanese pound.
The government would begin auctioning 5-year Lebanese pound treasury bonds this month, he added.
The Lebanese pound withstood the onslaught, largely because of the central bank's support of the currency and the steadfastness of Lebanese expatriates whose rush into dollars was prevented by attractive interest rate earnings on their investments in Lebanese pounds.
The Lebanese pound is stable and has not been affected by the presidential vacuum.
This is a reflection of confidence in the banking sector and the Lebanese pound," he said.
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