Lebanese pound

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the basic unit of money in Lebanon

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BDL's main duty is to protect the Lebanese pound, keep inflation down and maintain a steady monetary policy.
Taking into account the Lebanese pound exchange rate and the USD food price variation, it allowsto compute a yearly rate of change of the food price in the local currency, and then to compare it with the consumer price inflation.
You have been credited with adopting prudent policies to keep the Lebanese pound stable.
we expect more stability and confidence in the Lebanese pound and the banking sector in a way which bolsters Lebanon's economic abilities.
Lebanese pound Treasury bill rates have fallen steadily in line with the deposit surge.
We thought of making these ATMs dispense Lebanese pound only once the Central Bank issues the new LL100,000 bill.
He said the Central Bank should consider easing the peg on the Lebanese pound, which is set at around 1,507.
The Lebanese pound withstood the onslaught, largely because of the central bank's support of the currency and the steadfastness of Lebanese expatriates whose rush into dollars was prevented by attractive interest rate earnings on their investments in Lebanese pounds.
NNA - In a speech at the opening ceremony of the Seventh Annual Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility held at the Phenicia Hotel upon the invitation of CSR-Lebanon, Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh, said "the Lebanese pound is stable.
Seven billion Lebanese pound customs fraud case uncovered
He added that BDL has encouraged Lebanese commercial banks to increase the interest rates on Lebanese pound deposits to around two percentage points.
Download Salameh confirms Lebanese pound stable NNA - Lebanese Central Bank Governer, Riad Salameh, confirmed on Tuesday that the Lebanese pound remained stable.
Faced with a liquidity crunch in Lebanese pound, some banks were compelled to borrow from other lenders at exorbitant rates two weeks ago.
Summary: The average rates on the Lebanese pound returned to their normal levels Monday after reports that some commercial banks have offered up to 13 percent on pound deposits, bankers said Monday.
Bankers and analysts told The Daily Star that the demand for the Lebanese pound has exceeded the U.
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