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It is an attack on every Lebanese, on his dignity, on the Lebanese Republic, the presidency and the top Christian post in the Lebanese state.
Zayed's stance came Thursday as he and the Emirati Ambassador Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi visited Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian at Dar Al Fatwa.
Ali Mohamed Shein, President of Zanzibar, Tammam Salam, Prime Minister of the Lebanese Republic and Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah al-Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Fayez bin Abdullah Al-Shihri has met at the headquarters of the Council in Riyadh with ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, State of Palestine, Lebanese Republic, Republic of Turkey, Greek Republic, Republic of Hungary , and Czech Republic.
Attorneys for Oneissi say "Lebanon never consented to be bound by the 'agreement' which was a) negotiated, adopted and signed on behalf of the Lebanese Republic by persons acting without the requisite legal capacity, b) never ratified in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Lebanese Republic as required by international law and c) consequently, never entered into force.
President Michel Suleiman has stressed that the Lebanese constitution "does not specify how ministerial portfolios should be divided among political parties, but it does lay down the means to forming a cabinet and holds the president of the Lebanese Republic responsible for respecting all its provisions," the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported on Monday.
President al-Assad expressed hope that this stage would be good and would serve the Lebanese Republic and the brotherly Lebanese people.
NNA - Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, received on Friday an Italian Parliamentary delegation, in the company of Italian Ambassador to Lebanon, Massimo Marotti.
Muscat, Jan 15 (ONA) His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has received cable of thanks from Tammam Salam, Prime Minister of the Lebanese Republic in reply to His Majesty's congratulatory cable on the occasion of the his country's 71st Independence Anniversary.
13(BNA)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs here summoned the Charge d'affaires of the Lebanese Republic to the Kingdom to express its strong dissatisfaction with the Press conference held in Beirut for a campaign entitled August 14, duringa which a call for civil disobedience in the Kingdom was made.
Hariri, the head of the Future Movement which leads the March 14 coalition, also said that "after March 14, the Lebanese decided to put an end to the foreign tutelage over their country and they will certainly not accept to have the Lebanese Republic fall under any new form of tutelage, whether direct or indirect.
Riad George, Secretary-General of the Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue in the Lebanese Republic and Dr.
Lebanon's newly elected Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai visited a number of Lebanese political and spiritual leaders on Monday among them House Speaker Nabih Berri, outgoing Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, Premier designate Najib Mikati, Grand (Sunni) Mufti of Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Kabbani, President of the Higher Shiite Islamic Council Abdel Amir Kabalan, and Druze spiritual leader Sheikh Naim Hassan, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported on Tuesday.
NNA - Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derain, met on Friday with Turkish Ambassador to Lebanon, Cagatay Erciyes, who visited him in the company of a delegation representing the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination.
Muscat, Sept 9 (ONA) Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harib al-Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs received in his office at Mu'askar Bait Al Falaj here today Husam Diyab, ambassador of the sisterly Lebanese Republic to the Sultanate.
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