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the condition of permitting leaks or leakage

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Openings between defective endothelial cells explain tumor vessel leakiness.
In the patient with a deficient Golgi CMP-NeuNAc transporter, the normal sialylation of transferrin was attributed to the leakiness of the mutation or sample contamination owing to frequent transfusions (20, 29).
A spokesman for Aberystwyth University said: "The project looked at athletes who were asked to run for 20 minutes at 80% of their aerobic maximum, and at the end of the exercise, conducted at Aberystwyth University's state-of-the-art Sport and Exercise Science laboratories, changes in the subjects' gut leakiness were measured using a urine sample - also determined were changes in the athletes' core temperature.
That leakiness means they do not often thrash teams, only twice winning by a margin of more than one goal.
The topical corticosteroid therapy should reduce conjunctival vessel leakiness within a few hours, (17) reduce PMN leukocyte recruitment and migration into the conjunctiva (extravasation), (18,19) and reduce any further elaboration and secretion of other inflammatory mediators by the leukocytes.
A leaky subject is an emasculated one, so leakiness is attributed to woman and must be demonstrated there through her torn body.
Part c) illustrates the integrated concept where the pressurization component flow is held constant regardless of the building leakiness, and the air flow through the DOAS is intentionally held balanced.
But Chelsea can't stop scoring and, given West Ham's leakiness, Drogba and Anelka will think Santa's come early.
In order to achieve the experimental modulation of losses through leakiness a personal method was proposed.
Alzheimer's researchers suggest this leakiness makes the brain vulnerable to the disease.
The device was assembled into the combustion chamber and into the device can be achieved fitting gauged holes in order to simulate the losses through leakiness caused by piston rings wear.
As foreign banks come in seeking to intermediate between households and quality businesses, and as the capital market opens, either through explicit legal change or non-explicitly through the growing leakiness of capital controls, households will discover more attractive places to put their money than institutions whose returns are constrained by the fact that they are making mostly bad loans and getting periodically bailed out.
Lucentis is designed to block new blood vessel growth and leakiness, which ultimately lead to disease progression and such vision loss.
But the resulting plunge in prices, along with the pens' unreliability and leakiness (the spur for the pocket protector), drove the market to the point of collapse.
Boss Paul Stephenson, who suffered the frustration of a postponement at Scunthorpe last Saturday, has held extra training sessions with them to try and pep up the goals tally and take advantage of Town's recent leakiness.