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the condition of permitting leaks or leakage

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Later, it is stated: "The air leakiness of the vinyl installation is seen as beneficial, as it allows water trapped behind the siding to dry via diffusion and convection through the leakage areas.
Again appearing within a judicial opinion regarding HIV criminality is the leakiness and timidity of the body in its shedding of blood.
The study in mice found that glutamine supplements ameliorated alcohol-induced intestinal leakiness and improved alcohol-induced liver injury (Chaudhry et al.
The overall effects of lipid peroxidation are to decrease membrane fluidity, increase the leakiness of the membrane, and damage membrane proteins, thereby inactivating receptors, enzymes, and ion channels [21].
2014) Leakiness and creepiness in App Space: Perceptions of privacy and mobile app use.
Endothelial cells expressing Bcl-2 promotes tumor metastasis by enhancing tumor angiogenesis, blood vessel leakiness and tumor invasion.
Mathematical models (Cheer and Koehl, 1987a, b) showed that for closely spaced hairs (like aesthetascs on many crustacean antennules), the transition in leakiness occurs in a critical range of Re's, between 0.
To use Arthur Okun's famous metaphor, we should understand the leakiness of different buckets for transferring resources to lower-income people.
1999) Absence of epithelial immunoglobulin A transport, with increased mucosal leakiness, in polymeric immunoglobulin receptor/secretory component-deficient mice.
Air Repair has modernized the Jacobs engines in many areas, mostly aimed at improving the oil burn and oil leakiness of the engines.
These cancers are very permeable to nano-sized agents through the so-called enhanced permeation and retention effect (EPR), which comes with a greater leakiness of their vascular walls.
This leakiness allows bacteria, in particular several kinds of gram-positive bacteria, to translocate and settle in the spleen and lymph tissue of treated mice.
The City defence, so often maligned for its leakiness, stood firm with youngsters Spencer Hamilton and Matt Williams coping with Lowestoft's experienced forward line with consummate ease.