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is called the leading coefficient matrix of system (1).
The set of i/o difference equations (1) is called strongly row-reduced if the leading coefficient matrix [L.
To analyze this inequality from the point of view the leading coefficient k = k([xi]), let us consider the one-dimensional variational problem (2.
The fact that the leading coefficient of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] equals [2.
and we get in this case the following recurrence for the leading coefficient [[eta].
So far, we have assumed that the leading coefficient of the operator L is constant, to simplify the analysis.
Seyidmamedov, Determination of leading coefficients in Sturm-Liouville operator from boundary measurements.
Summarizing, we see that the Laurent coefficients of S (or of 1/S) contain surprisingly good approximations of two main parameters of the OPUC: they match asymptotically the Verblunsky coefficients, and the partial sums of the squares of their absolute values represent (up to a normalizing constant) the leading coefficient of the orthonormal polynomials.
2 Three-term recurrence coefficients and leading coefficient for q-Hahn polynomials in the lattice x(s) = [q.
Condition numbers are found from the Lagrange's representation of the polynomial p(z) where we assume that the leading coefficient [a.
x) is nonsingular for every matrix polynomial P with nonsingular leading coefficient, we introduce an inner product in the linear space of matrix polynomials [C.
This text is a research monograph that explores second-order (degenerate) elliptic differential operators whose leading coefficients are generated by a positive operator, by means of which it is possible to construct suitable approximation processes which approximate the relevant semigroups.
monic if the sum of absolute values of its leading coefficients is 1, i.