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a company that is organized to give its owners limited liability

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Although various disciplines identify aspects of LD using different terms, such as dyslexia, reading disorder, dyscalculia, math disability, dysgraphia, and disorders of written expression, there is agreement that these are types of LD.
In this study, clinically defined late-stage LD patients included those with later manifestations (neurologic involvement, cardiac involvement, and arthritis) and patients with chronic LD.
The STAMI questionnaire was developed to measure quantitatively preservice teachers' levels of belief toward mathematics instruction of students with LD.
It was also interesting to note from the study that the proportions of students who continued to display the same deficits after the indicated time interval were approximately the same across three operational definitions of LD.
The author interviewed 13 individuals from diverse backgrounds utilizing a semi-structured interview with open-ended questions to learn about their experiences as persons with LD.
It is important, however, to consider that manipulative materials may not always be the answer for students with LD.
Each of the three groups was then divided into two categories: either 1) they evaluated the essay written by a student with LD, or 2) they evaluated the essay written by a student without LD.
However, southern Maryland (north of the Potomac River) and the Lower Eastern Shore have a low incidence of LD.
Additionally, it is important to keep in mind the availability of job restructuring and modifications for students with LD.
In the scale of history they may be of little note nor long remembered, but they will decide the future of the young field of LD.
With the LD field continuing to advance, increased attention is now being directed at adults with LD.
Problems and confusions in classification and identification are not new, and they are not limited to the field of LD.
Below, we describe OSEP's LD Initiative, including the creation of the National Research Center on LD.
Although there has been some research on the relationship between LD and depression, there is an absence of literature looking at whether children with LD possess a cluster of depressive symptoms that is unique compared to the depressive symptomatology exhibited by children without LD.