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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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For improving the coordination between multi system operators and local cable operators all MSOs are directed to declare their nodal officers, which must be easily accessible to LCOs, physically as well as through Email/ mobile, so that they can interact with each other and resolve their issues in time bound manner.
Based on end-users, the LCoS projectors market has been divided into the following segments:
LCoS has applications in light modulation, beam shaping, addressable switching, holography etc.
Thus, sending requests for LCOs up to Westminster to be scrutinised all over again is a waste of time and money.
Nevertheless LCOs will have to battle with major Government bills on financial sector reform and child poverty for remaining legislative time.
We're very proud that our Olevia brand LCD and LCoS TVs will be assembled by American workers with our partner Solar Link Technologies," said Syntax-Brillian CEO Vincent Sollitto.
What changed after getting the new light engine, after the JDS Uniphase issue, we realized we had the potential to achieve extremely low pricing for LCOS light engines, especially in high volumes.
The summit was important for LCOs and PCOs," Albertini says.
The LCO-inspired growth in nonlegumes suggests that they and legumes share a similar growth mechanism that LCOs help turn on, the authors note.
Without a doubt, Sony is the proven world leader in LCOS with their SXRD projection technology.
In a recent memorandum to Mr Murphy from the committee, MPs suggested the number of LCOs coming through from the Assembly could prove unmanageable.
Compared with devices utilized in projectors employing different types of projection systems, LCOS panels facilitate the reproduction of exceptionally high resolution images free of the "lattice effect," a phenomenon in which a faint grid pattern appears over the projected image.
Intel announced that it is dropping plans to manufacture an LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) chip for the emerging category of LCOS digital rear-projection televisions, confirming rumors that have been circulating within the consumer electronics industry over the past few months.
We believe that the LCoS technology shows considerable longer-term promise and that under the management of Compound Photonics this business should continue to grow," commented James Li, Syntax-Brillian's CEO.