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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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What changed after getting the new light engine, after the JDS Uniphase issue, we realized we had the potential to achieve extremely low pricing for LCOS light engines, especially in high volumes.
Orders in Council, the legal category in which LCOs fall, are normally abandoned at this stage, but Mr Hain said LCOs would instead form part of the wash-up negotiations.
The global LCoS projectors market to grow at a CAGR of 25.
Li explained that Syntax does not have to wait for Intel to get into the LCOS game, as the company has an existing relationship with semiconductor producer Taiwan Kolin Co.
There exists a small handful of manufacturers creating sets based on another display technology called LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon).
terminated its agreement to purchase 65-inch LCOS televisions from Brillian Corp.
In the present scenario, cathode ray tube (CRT) and plasma technologies are being replaced by liquid crystal display (LCD), digital light processing (DLP), and LCoS technologies.
Last night Lord Elis-Thomas said: "I suspect these objections are coming not from MPs who are concerned about the volume of LCOs, but from those who would prefer there were no LCOs coming through at all.
Key regions - Americas - APAC - EMEAKey vendors - Canon - JVC - SonyOther prominent vendors - AAXA Technologies - ACER - AIPTEK International - BenQ - HITACHI Digital Media Group - LG Electronics - Light Blue Optics Microsoft - Samsung Electronics - Toshiba - WowWee GroupKey market driver - Increased adoption of LCoS technology - For a full, detailed list, view our reportKey market challenge - Availability of cheaper DLP, LCD technology including IWBs and IFPDs - For a full, detailed list, view our reportKey market trend - Ultra-short throw emerging as a new category - For a full, detailed list, view our reportKey questions answered in this report - What will the market size be in 2019 and what will the growth rate be?
Capitalizing on this achievement, Canon will utilize the two types of LCOS panels in combination with the Company's world-class optical technologies with the aim of creating innovative new products to be brought to market in the near future.
The researchers are now testing different forms of LCOs to see what key part of the molecule triggers cell division.
Information also will be generated from LCOs and PCOs to see how TopChoice impacted their business, Albertini says.
MicroDisplay Corporation is the first company to mass-produce LCOS devices with the fast response times necessary for use in a single-chip design, and its Liquid Fidelity technology sets a new cost/performance standard," says Barry Smith, Chairman and CEO for Memorex.
a leading manufacturer of state of the art liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) microdisplays, announced today that LG Electronics has officially introduced its 2006 line of high-performance microdisplay rear projection television models -- led by a series of 1080p rear-projection HDTVs powered by SpatiaLight's LCoS microdisplay technology.
founded in 1989, manufactures high-resolution LCoS microdisplays for use in high definition televisions and other display applications.