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a person afflicted with leprosy

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Laza, from Italy, was raised in the underground scene of the Venice suburbs.
Laza had a long and respectable track record as a silver halide hologram producer.
For example, a limited edition of the LAZA letter opener customized with the name of the contributor.
Back when I was testing the Beeman R1 rifle for my book by the same title, I installed a Venom Mag 80 Laza Glide kit in the rifle.
Esta investigacion trata sobre la determinacion de los tipos de icnofacies presentes en los sedimentos limo arcillosos de la isla Mamo, de acuerdo con las cla sificaciones de Buatois (2009), y Genise, Mangano Buatois, Laza y Verde (2000) en Verde (2011) y que estan relacionadas con ambientes fluviales y que fueron correlacionadas para ver la distribucion en los diferentes horizontes litologicos y asi tener una herramienta para separar eventos de deposicion; utilizando los datos de Perez y Fernandez (2013).
Piccirillb graduated cum laude from the University of Illinois College of Laza
The games are - Toto Temple Deluxe, Duck Game, That Dragon, Cancer, Cascade, Reagan Gorbachev, Laza Knitez
Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia, Department of Pulmonology (1) University of Belgrade, Serbia, Faculty of Medicine (2) Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia, Department of Neurology (3) Hospital for Psychiatric Disorders "Dr Laza Lazarevic", Belgrade, Serbia (4)
According to Laza Kekic from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), economic distress is almost a prerequisite for protest, but does not explain outbursts entirely.
The samples were collected from three boreholes--two in Laza and one in Apriki.
Boris is survived by his father, Boris Velez and his wife Blanca Laza-Velez of Worcester, his mother Mechelle (Rahaim) Azar of Cape Coral, Florida; three brothers, Roberto Velez, Malki Velez and Alex Laza all of Worcester and his sister, Tyanna McBride of Worcester; his maternal grandmother, Joanny Rahaim and his paternal grandparents, Mervin and Sonia Velez.
Describing the eurozone as the "sick man of the global economy", Laza Kekic, Europe Regional Director at the Economist's sister company, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), said that the EU forecast for next year was a "pretty grim story", with growth estimated at only 0.
DARREN st st st stun unning ag ag agai a nst gives him can salva League d The Ste an and out of f af afte te t r losin th th t e fi f rst le Pa Park last n St Stua u rt M huge ge blow fr fr f om Laza and sub Ch visito tors a Motherw to to to to to to t overtur he he had ad ad adto th th t e of of Pan anat athin fo for next w But Ra in in insp sp s ir ir i at at atio fi fi fi fi fi fi figh gh gh gh gh gh g tb tb tb tb tback tr tr tr t i ai ai a le le led He H half-time - Stuart McCall's men suffered a huge blow after goals in either half from Lazaros Christodoulopoulos and sub Charis Mavrias earned the visitors a crucial advantage.
As Laza Kekic from the Economist Intelligence Unit, The Economist's sister organisation, told a recent conference in Sofia, Balkan economies have always been poorer than their western and northern counterparts.