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in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy

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While lay ministers experience a resource gap across their career, the fissure begins with the wage gap.
Through the inclusion of these practical materials, which encourage readers to relate the materials to their own experience, lay ministers are invited to engage in conversation with the tradition.
As older priests reach retirement age with fewer new priests to take their places, parishes across the country have learned to rely on lay ministers more than ever.
He added that the lay ministers would receive continuing support and training to ensure that the service they provide was not seen by Catholics as "second-class".
With a desire to help parishioners and lay ministers grow stronger in the delivery of service to others and to make that delivery more evident in their daily lives, Joanne Rypma has carefully selected a series of scriptural passages for weekend readings in the church for the liturgical years A, B and C.
The initiative is for ordained, diaconal, and lay ministers.
Given to the diocese in 1938 to train lay ministers and clergy, it is now "tired" and in need of a modern makeover.
The headlines of Saturday's paper revealed a major search for lay ministers in the parishes of the San Fernando Valley.
Lay ministers have led the services for the past year.
These three categories of ministers--ordained, rostered lay ministers, and ministers in daily life--are what will occupy us in the three days of this conference, as they will continue to occupy us when we return home to the mass and mission in our home towns and in the world.
A GREATER use of lay ministers is among the topics for discussion as 700 members of Britain's United Reformed Church gather at Warwick University for a general assembly.
The event is the third in a "partnership-in-ministry education" series which, for a year now, the regional Christian interchurch council and the university have developed "for the benefit of `grassroots' church leaders, pastors, lay ministers, faculty and religious education personnel in universities and seminaries, and others who are interested in creative interplay and reflection between contemporary social studies, theology and ministry," explained Fr.
Frank Pavone with the enthusiastic support and encouragement of the late John Cardinal O'Connor to help Catholic clergy, lay ministers, and local pro-life leaders learn how to best present and articulate Pope John Paul II's call to re-establish a "Culture of Life" in America.
There is no telling how many gays and lesbians have consulted Exodus' referral service and submitted themselves to counseling by lay ministers who have themselves "overcome a homosexual past.
Nationally, Spanish speakers represent almost half of all lay ministers in the U.