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English writer of Irish descent who spent much of his life in Mediterranean regions (1912-1990)

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Reading Orientalism and the Crisis of Epistemology in the Novels of Lawrence Durrell.
If you enjoy the novels of Lawrence Durrell and Paul Bowles, early James Bond films, pictures of the Baalbek Festival in its heyday, or those billboards lining the new waterfront district in Downtown Beirut (advertising a real-estate development called Zaitunay Bay) -- if you are, in other words, a sucker for the so-called Golden Age of Beirut and Cairo -- then you will probably love Gundlach's exhibition.
Lawrence Durrell wrote in Bitter Lemons (1955): 'How can the Cypriot want Enosis?
The village is immortalised in the book Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus by Lawrence Durrell, brother of naturalist Gerald Durrell, which recounts his tales of moving to Cyprus in the 1950s.
The novelist Lawrence Durrell best illustrates the civilizational importance of olive oil when he writes that "no other products of nature have so much shaped civilizations from remotest antiquity to the present, than olive oil".
Kalami is where the author Lawrence Durrell and his animal-mad brother Gerald lived in the 1930s and the family's large white villa is still there but now a taverna.
Sit outside in the sun sipping a Brandy Sour under the 200-year-old Tree of Idleness and you wonder how author Lawrence Durrell, who made the place famous, ever managed to summon the energy to write his famous but rather boring book Bitter Lemons.
I believe Laughlin was one of the first to publish Lawrence Durrell in this country.
There's no doubt its reputation as an upper-class retreat - Prince Philip was born here, artists and writers such as Lawrence Durrell thrived among its lemon and orange groves - was tarnished by the invasion of Club 18-30s.
WHEN LAWRENCE DURRELL MET HENRY MILLER in Patras on the eve of World War II, he was eager to fight for Greece in imitation of Byron, who had died across the water not too far away, in Missolonghi, during the war of independence in the 1820s.
With little of real interest for the bibliophile it is rather lightweight and unfocused - a far cry from the glory days when Anais Nin and Lawrence Durrell roamed the shelves.
A number of other lecturers explored Yeats's relations with or influence upon other writers, including Ezra Pound and Rapallo (Massimo Bacigalupo), Samuel Beckett (Derval Tubridy), Robert Graves (Fran Brearton) and Lawrence Durrell (Richard Pine).
The parent organization was founded in 1963 by British naturalist and author Gerald Durrell (brother of Lawrence Durrell, author of the "Alexandria Quartet" books).
His field is especially nineteenth-and twentieth-century English literature, and there are chapters about, inter alia, Lawrence Durrell, Hilaire Belloc, the Sitwells, Gregynog Press, and H.
On the way through the novels, he identifies some interesting half-quotes and vague references, for example to Lawrence Durrell.
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