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a law affirming that in the long run probabilities will determine performance

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Keep in mind that while there seems to be strong statistical support for a market recovery in the last week of December, there will always be a chance that the law of averages may be violated given the current bearish sentiments in the market.
The law of averages said we weren't going to beat Newcastle because it was five in a row but we made it six.
I thought it just came down to a law of averages, as I told the kids at halftime,'' Foley said.
The law of averages would say that somewhere along the line we have got to start winning," Jackett said.
With three St Helens players having made the World Championships, the law of averages suggest at least one will go far at the Ally Pally.
The law of averages suggest Liverpool can't hang on in every match, so Brendan Rodgers will want to get into the minds of his players.
I'm sure that with Bahrain having almost 40 per cent expat population, at least 40pc of such prizes will then go to expats as per law of averages.
The problem with the World Series of Poker is because there is no barrier to entry beyond a fee, the tournament is flooded with amateur competitors, and the law of averages invariably finds many of them, and not the sport's best, in the final, big-money games.
When you have sex that often, by a law of averages you're likely to have boring sex.
This effectively deprives them of the beneficial side (from the batsman's point) of the law of averages, and leaves them always on the negative side (though the batsman could himself subject atleast some of the negative decisions to review).
By the law of averages, you are more likely to be killed by a flying champagne cork than by a poisonous spider
The authors cover descriptive statistics (the histogram, average and standard deviation, normal approximation for data, measurement error and plotting points and lines), correlation and regression (including the RMS error for regression and the regression line), probability (chance, the binomial formula), chance variability (the law of averages, expected value and standard error, and normal approximation for probability histograms), sampling (errors, accuracy of percentages and case studies), chance models, including those used in genetics and tests of significance, including the chi-square test.
Chalk it up to the law of averages, or more accurately, a determined effort by a fed-up Kings team, but that streak ended Saturday with a 4-2 victory over the Red Wings in front of a crowd of 18,118 at Staples Center.
It seems logical that race and the law of averages would delay diagnosis.
And it's often down to how much you paid for the ticket, the color of your plastic or whether the law of averages has finally caught up with you.