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a law affirming that in the long run probabilities will determine performance

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He said: "I believe in the law of averages as St Johnstone proved against us.
But this week we have the law on our side -- the law of averages -- and just to be extra careful I want Aidan O'Brien on my side too.
Given the number of people, the law of averages dictates someone will walk out - it's happened to me, but I stopped in time.
Even if their new coaching staff, massive squad of players, promotion ambitions and generous backing of financial whizz Steve Lansdown counts for nothing, surely the law of averages must mean it's time to break that duck.
I've always said Robbie is good on set-pieces, and the law of averages suggested he was due a goal," said Ritchie.
IF YOU'RE a great believer in the law of averages, speed dating for gay men is coming to Liverpool.
The law of averages state the ball has to go in at some point and, thankfully, it has done at last.
RICKY PONTING will have to defeat the law of averages if he is to make South Africa's bowlers toil in the final Test in Syndey, which starts tonight, writes Ed Hawkins.
We have become almost resigned over the years to the so-called "hard core" who simply ignore them and we must hope that the law catches up with them before the law of averages brings them into contact with some innocent.
By law of averages as a speedy player,he must be on the verge of losing his extra yards of pace and that makes him sellable.
On the law of averages we are all due to make it this time," said skilled midfielder Whalley.
It's a great strain and really the law of averages tell you that it cannot go on for much longer.
KEEPER Martin Pirie knows that by the law of averages Elgin's run of bad luck must end soon.
It is as though sun seekers, having taken a cruise through the Roaring Forties, eagerly book another on the grounds that on the law of averages it won't be as rough as that next time.
Play the game long enough, you face him enough times, the law of averages evens out,'' said Giants first baseman J.