Law of Moses

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the laws (beginning with the Ten Commandments) that God gave to the Israelites through Moses


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This proclamation is not a selfish one; rather it makes known his deepest longing, which is to pass on the traditions and precepts handed down to him from the Law of Moses and the prophets:
After all, Paul argues, Abraham was blessed by God for his faith long before God issued his first single commandment, namely circumcision, and he lived more than four centuries before the full law of Moses was ordained, proving the irrelevance of the law to the true progeny-in-faith of the patriarch.
On the Law of Moses and the Substance of It in General
The Samaritans rather resent the name by which they are known; preferring to call themselves "Shamerim"--in Hebrew, guardians--for they contend that they have guarded the original Law of Moses, keeping it pure and unadulterated down the centuries.
Maimonides astonishingly omitted creation in Foundations of the Law, despite the fact that he taught elsewhere that creation is undoubtedly a foundation (qa'ida [yes, that all-too-familiar word for "base"]) of the law of Moses our Master and second to the foundation of the unity of God.
Moses sat down in the back rows, among the youngest students, and did not understand what Rabbi Akiva was teaching--but what Rabbi Akiva was teaching was halakhah le-Moshe mi-Sinai, "a law of Moses from Sinai.
Among the examples he cites are the need to justify gentile departures from the Law of Moses or the need to shift blame for Jesus' death from Rome to the Jews.
In tonight's instalment, Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, above, goes in search of the law of Moses.
Luke's likely Gentile audience isn't concerned about the Law of Moses, but Luke still wants to show where the Saviour of the world came from.
In Dying in the Law of Moses, Miriam Bodian focuses on four celebrated Jewish martyrs from the Iberian world who were burned alive by the Portuguese and Spanish Inquisitions.
The couple concluded their conversion process days = ago and asked to be remarried under the Law of Moses.
The tale was most immediately a setting for the Law of Moses, but as the centuries rolled by, it became a trove that Jewish and Christian storytellers mined for material.
The Law was Given for the Sake of Life": Peter Abelard on the Law of Moses, SEAN EISEN MURPHY
Initially well-intentioned synagogue teachers and village leaders who believed the law of Moses was the balm of national life, many Pharisees idolized the law and became blind to why Christ had come, opposing him and laying traps for him.