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French chemist known as the father of modern chemistry

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El tirano se niega a interceder por la cabeza condenada de Lavoisier pero le concede, a Rasero, la propia, alejandolo de la guillotina.
Por su interes para nuestra historia describiremos ahora las experiencias previas que Antoine Laurent Lavoisier tuvo que rebatir, dos ideas muy en boga todavia en su tiempo, basadas en la importancia de su preconizador, Johannes Baptista van Helmont (1579-1644) que creyo en su momento demostrar que el agua era realmente el origen de la materia inorganica y de la sustancia viva.
Named for Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and Benjamin Franklin, this prize recognizes "unusually meritorious efforts in the preservation or promotion of the entwined scientific heritage of France and the United States.
Frenchman Antoine Lavoisier discovered the life-giving oxygen in air, and scientists used information from 19th-century theorist Svante Arrhenius to demonstrate how carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere.
el primer texto sobre la nueva quimica publicado en America, pues el libro de Lavoisier (1789) en castellano fue impreso en Mexico en 1797.
Their only tangible point of contact was an inverse one: the Chemical Revolution's most radical thinker, Lavoisier, was condemned in the French Revolution as a reactionary tax collector and sent to the guillotine.
La existencia de este principio, aceptada por una buena parte de los quimicos del siglo XVIII, fue puesta en cuestion en la decada de 1770 por Antoine Lavoisier y su punto de vista acabaria imponiendose en las decadas siguientes, aunque no sin fuertes disputas (4).
The authors also carefully demonstrate the influence of Starkey on successors such as Wilhelm Homberg and even Antoine Lavoisier.
He makes the outrageous claim that acceptance of these linguistic adjustments could do for systems science what Lavoisier did for chemistry over 200 years ago.
Edited by Lavoisier Technique & Documentation 2002; 164 pages.
In addition to experimenting in a home lab (conveniently located near the back garden, so that if something caught fire "I could rush outside with it and fling it on the lawn"), he studied and greatly admired the early chemists such as Robert Boyle, Antoine Lavoisier, Humphry Davy, and Marie Curie.
Two scientists who worked with nonwovens technologies were recently awarded the Lavoisier Medal of Achievement, the highest award for scientific and technical excellence given by DuPont, Wilmington, DE.
5) The conflict between the "antiphlogistic" system of chemistry, which viewed combustion as a combination with oxygen gas, and its "phlogistic" predecessor and rival, which treated combustion as the release of phlogiston (the principle of inflammability thought to be present in all combustible substances), is usually associated with the names of two scientists, Antoine Lavoisier and Joseph Priestley, who shared the rational and liberal principles of the philosophes.
Managed and leased by American Properties, whose parent company is Lavoisier, the 231,000 square-footer had been offered through CB Commercial, but sources say offers were not meeting with the pricing expectations.
Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier effected a revolution in chemistry analogous to Newton's in physics or Darwin's in biology.